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There are some colleges where Caucasian students can get minority scholarships, but they are very rare. What I wonder is how long our government will continue with this band-aid system before they finally start tackling the educational disparities across this county at their roots--pre-k/elementary, middle, & high school--and make it so that every student can get a quality education. 

Law School Admissions / Re: 3.9/152
« on: July 04, 2010, 08:16:03 PM »
If you check out Law School Numbers it will show you what scores are getting in (list & graph) and who's getting scholarships (often including what amounts they're awarded).

Here's the link for Loyola NO on LSN

It looks like you have a good chance of getting in with some scholarship money based on this decision cycle.

It wasn't an attack on you, just an explanation of why you should get in the habit of using correct spelling and grammar. The more you allow these bad habits to continue on the forum and elsewhere, as I expect these are common mistakes for you in general, the more the bad habits will ingrain themselves and the harder they will be to stop.

You keep saying in your posts that spelling and grammar don't matter because those things aren't graded on LS exams or on the bar, but they will matter when you're done with school and are out in the real world. Some judges get very upset by spelling and grammar mistakes. These mistakes can be detrimental to your client's case and hurt your reputation as an attorney (and cost you money in court fees, etc.). It's a good idea to practice good spelling and grammar now, so that it will be automatic when you're out of school.

Some examples of what can happen:

I think that if you really want to be a lawyer, and feel that you can handle the job regardless of the problems you mention, then you should at least have your shot at the LSAT, and then law school if you qualify. I just wonder, if you can't take the regular test due to needing a lot of extra time, how you are going to manage the work load. LS involves a ton of very dense reading. With exams at least, I know we had 1 kid in our class that had vision problems and some other learning disability like ADD, and they gave him a lot of extra time on the finals. So, they should give you extra time on finals.

Thanks Bigs. I just didn't want to get myself into something I couldn't back out of if I needed to, and it sounds like there is no problem backing out from what you're saying.

Yeah, I'm not so much worried about losing the $200, as just wanting to make sure that there is no problem backing out. I didn't do ED or EA, just regular transfer, so I figure I can back out if I need to.

Yeah, 70K extra debt is a lot for a bigger name and potentially a huge risk in this economy.

I was hoping someone with experience in this issue might be able to give me some advice. My #1 choice transfer school hasn't gotten back to me yet, and another transfer school, the one I would attend if the other rejects me and which is also an excellent school, wants to know very soon if I will be attending if I want to participate in their OCI in August. Can I pay the deposit and sign up for OCI and then back out in a couple weeks if my #1 accepts me? I'm pretty sure I can, but I haven't done anything like this before. I also don't want to lose $200, but my #1 takes very few transfers, so...Any advice would be appreciated.

I should have added this to my previous post: You need to also decide whether you would be happy staying at DePaul if you graduate at #3,5,10,15 (I don't know how many students are in your class), basically top 10% good, but not #1. It's very likely that you won't be #1 when you graduate. You may have a bad headache on a test day and get a B+. Who knows, there are so many things that could happen during your exams, and remember you have 20 more to take.

Also note that the previous poster wants in at Northwestern, so take his advice with a grain of salt.

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