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Cool thank you! I'm about ready to hack into his account and just get this done for him (but that might be a little emasculating) ::)

Don't apologize for the "long rant" as you say. We definitely need this information and I am glad that you are willing to share.  :)

That Houston forum sounds great! He didn't know that you could register and not have to go (although going is the intention). From what I understand he's already registered to get all the email (and junk mail) from the LSAC, but I'll check with him on that again. You really have been a wealth of information for us. Thank you so much!

Up to this point I have had no trouble finding paying internships etc granted that is not the same as associate positions and maybe that will be different, but this far into it I think law school rankings are idiotic and you should take the money at lower ranked schools unless you get into a top 25  maybe top 50 school. With a 165 he will have some pretty good opportunities.

Really!? Cool!!!!  (As I write this with dollar signs in my eyes)  :D

One other thing to save a few hundred bucks on applications fees is you should go to an LSAC forum or just register for it and he will get a ton of fee waivers. There is one in Houston on November 20th  I think that is the date. I did that and got a million e-mails that just said stop by our booth and you will get a fee waiver. Just going to that one event saved me probably 400 bucks in application fees and I got to talk to admissions officers. Some schools impressed me more than others and I figured if they didn't impress me at an admissions event then I really wouldn't be impressed with the school.

If he's applying for the 2011-2012 school year, will November 20th be too late to get into some of the schools?

Thank you bigs!

The debt thing is very much a huge factor since I will be paying off students loans (and I'm sure the debt will pass to my kid's kids if we had any!) We both just want him to be at a school that will have great chances of getting a job afterwards. Also I'm a school teacher so I'd like to be in an area that will pay teacher's decently (ha! laughable!). Other than that, seasons (like all 4; fall, winter, spring, and summer) would be super, as well as some outdoorsy things to do nearby.

I am writing this on behalf of my husband (who is the one trying to get into law school). Since I will be the breadwinner while he's in school (which is a TERRIFYING thought) I am fearful of his actual chances of getting into law school. Both of us were sitting at lunch yesterday and he said, "Do you think I could get rejected from every school I apply to?" I had no idea how to answer because I don't know anything about law school! He is looking at SMU, U of H, U of Texas (we're in Texas if you couldn't tell), U of Wisconson-Madison, U of Iowa, U of Minnesota, College of William and Mary, and whatever else looks attainable. His prelaw advisor that was assigned to him is from our undergrad on the other side of the state and has yet to reply after 3 phone calls and 5 emails. This is something he has always wanted to do and finally decided to act on it and I don't know how he'd handle it if every school said, "No."  Our experience in theatre "MFA land" is that nothing is certain----at all, because the field is so subjective. Deadlines are always soft, and answers are always shaky. 
I am a solid supporter of his decision, so I don't want him to know that I am worried about this. I've researched a lot and have been lurking on here since June when he took his LSAT and have scoured Law School Numbers extensively and see that his stats are promising, but never certain.  So, overall, I guess this is a slight rant and also an outsider's question for those familiar with the process, can he actually get into one of those aforementioned schools? Thank you for any feedback you could provide. It is greatly appreciated.  :)

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I checked the website and they changed the release date to today!

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