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Check with each school you think to transfer to. Also, make up a list of questions you have (most important ones) and email admissions of the schools where you want to transfer too. Also, totally agree with other posters - it is VERY unlikelly to get into top 10% in law school. I was in top 5% in some of my undegrad classes, and totally blew first semester at law school. While my second semester grades are better now - it will not help too much this year anyway because of plain statistics. Law school exams are a a gamble/lottery. All depends on each professor, your typing speed, how fast you think. I am very, very strong at analysis, nevertheless I type slow and it affected my grades as well. Plus, there are tricks that wroked for me this year, and they have nothing to do with how intelligent you are, more with how smart you are. Go to school which you will be happy to graduate from. If not, get as much internship/extenrship experience as possible, experience matters almost as much as grades in the long run.

Transferring / Need opinion on my chances of transfer
« on: May 27, 2010, 03:37:50 PM »
Need educated opinions on the following: I am a 1L with 3.0 GPA, 53rd out of 135, which puts me only in the “top” 37%-40% or so. I like my school, it is quite inexpensive, in one of the Midwest states, low living expenses, great outdoors, but not too close to the geographic areas where I want to end up working. That means I can not obtain good connections, summer internships etc., even though I have previous paralegal experience.

Here are my preferences:

Wash DC (certain foreign language skill is my advantage, but town seems too humid)
Chicago (Large market, interesting city, too competitive and too cold?)
Denver (I just like the climate and outdoors there, in CO)
Phily (Never been there but also large market, closer to DC)
Pittsburgh (Never been there, just climate/area considerations, and not too expensive compare to DC or Phily, smaller market?)
Seattle, SF, LA maybe (I lived in CA, hate LA with all my heart).
As you can see, those are large markets, some on the cooler side.

I am curious if I have a chance to transfer to not too expensive T2 in any those cities,
and weather any T3s will make sense and give me what I need - get a job eventually. What would be my best bets in those towns?

I did ask this question on another board and here choices that I have got:
Wash DC - Catholic
Chicago - Loyola, Depaul, Chicago-Kent, IU Indianapolis, Marquette
Denver - U Denver
Phily - Nova, PSU, Temple
Pittsburgh - Pitt, Case Western, WVU?
Seattle, SF, LA - Lewis and Clark, USF, Seattle U, Gonzaga, Pacific

Any other ideas? Are some of the above above my range really?

How about SUNY, Akron or Howard as T3?

Thanks a bunch

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