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section 1
I got 2 questions wrong in the logic games that were just really sloppy mistakes, not really worth mentioning.
section 2
ive already gone over this in depth
section 3
Q10- i choose B instead of C, thinking that popularity was relative and that similar concerts would be the only base for that popularity
Q15- i thought D was more of a main point than a strengthen, i thought that B would logically follow
Q21- i thought D was wrong, the inro of similar dances was account enough for the revival, i went with C
section 4
Q17-Answer choices C and D were to similar for me to distinguish
Q21- i was not sure if the passage stated that the affects were negative on the minority group.

After reviewing the test a few time i understand most of the mistakes i made

I just finished my slow preptest.  Going at a deliberately slow pace i finished each section in around 55-60 minutes and scored a 169.  This puts the whole test in perspective and i now appreciate how difficult it is to score an 88% on this test, as i did on the 56th preptest.  I also realized how incredibly boring this test really is haha.
ill further review the exam tomorrow

Law School Admissions / Re: Low LSAT, Okay GPA .... Where Do I Start?
« on: February 27, 2011, 10:10:18 PM »
I also suggest that you retake the LSAT.  It is not easy to transfer in law school and what school you graduate from is important.  If you were scoring in the high 150's then you really dont want to accept a mid 140, take it again and aim for a 160.  Even with a 158/3.6 gpa you might be able to get into a lower tier one school.

Thanks for the replys and some realy good advice.
Mike- im glad to hear that i still can improve, i was worried that i might have plateaued, im only 60 hours into studying so hopefully ill be over 160 for June.
Jeffort- great idea to take an untimed test i will take one tomorrow. 
I think i will scim through the bibles again, since i highlighted throughout them i can read them much faster this time through and focus on whats important.

Law School Admissions / When should i apply for fall 2012?
« on: February 24, 2011, 06:10:36 PM »
The main obstacle here is my upward sloping UGPA.  right now it is a 3.19 and it will probably be a 3.30 after the spring assuming i get another 3.9+ GPA this semester (i got all A's on the first wave of tests.)  However, if i wait until after fall 2011 semester to end, near new years 2012, and get another 3.9 GPA my UGPA will go up to 3.38 (this is likely)
I am registered for June LSAT and will be ready by then (already scoring near 160 on preptests) but i could take it again in October.
So when should i apply?  Is a .05-.08 increase in UGPA worth waiting until late December?
Im a junior and an accounting major if that is relevant

Hey i am in the same exact situation as you.  I have heard that GPA trends do come into affect, but only after GPA/LSAT scores are considered.  They are to distinguish students of similar scores.  So, if i am not mistaken, you will be chosen above a student with the same lsat score and a 3.4 gpa that has been steady throughout college.  But, i dont think your trend will help you compete much with someone who has lets say a 3.5GPA.  However, i am not 100% on this, if some one more experienced can chime in that would be awesome.
I am also a junior with a 3.19UGPA and an accounting major.  I had a 2.0 gpa freshman year and since then have had a 3.9 gpa every semester and i took a winter and summer semester hah.  Hopefully i will get another 3.9 this semester and have a 3.30 for my app.  My advice is to focus on the lsat of course.

Backround (JUNE PREP)
I had a diagnostic of 150 3 months ago and since then i have read all 3 logic bibles.  In the bibles i noticed a huge increase in my performance.  While taking timed 7 question passages in the books i would usually get 5-7 right throughout all 3 books while staying under 8:45 for my time.  Even when the books threw 2-4 passages in a row i would complete them in time with this kind of success ration (5.5/7). 
At the end of the logic games bible i scored 22/24 on the sample section and finished with a minute to go.  I then took a real LG section from an exam and scored a 22/25.  I was excited and while approaching my first prep test since my diagnostic i anticipated a score around 164.  But, i got a 158.  I have taken 3 exams including that first 158 in 6 days and have scored 157-158 every time.  I usually get between 15-20 on all sections, and have yet to break 18 on a LG section.  I think the added time transfering answer selection to the scantron might be adding some pressure, even though i use the logical grouping approach.  I was only able to finish 3/4 games on the last exam and scored a 15 for the section.  On the 3 other sections i scored 7/18 combined for the last 6 questions of each passage and i wasn't guessing.  I feel much more rushed on the full exam and comonly exhausted at one point or another.  This is dissapointing since with a UGPA of 3.30 i need an LSAT of 160+ to get into a respectable law school.
My question is, how should i go foward in studying for the June LSAT?  Should i keep on taking practice tests to fine tune my skills, or should i return to the bibles?  Has anyone else had trouble making this transition and overcome it, or is it typical to perform much better in the bibles then on the much longer exam?

So i am taking a caribbean history class and we just got our midterm back which counts as half of our grade and i got a 31/50 for a C.  In order to make an a- you need an 85 so im basically guaranteed to be in the B range even if i really turn things around.  However, i cant even really afford a B because my undergrad gpa is a 3.32 and my lsac gpa is a 3.03 (2 f's fall freshamn year).  In addition, im really busy all the time with junior level accounting work so devoting alot of time to this class for little reward, or little punishment, seems illogical.  I have 13 other credits this semester which i have grades of all A's in throug midterms, i just didnt take this class seriously enough and was suprised.  I dont want to kill a 3.9+ semester gpa unless i have to, especially since it is my first year out of community college at a respectable business school (suny albany).
But, ive been doing a little bit of reading and found that the lsac may or may not count this W as an F on my transcript.  They say that if it is "non-punitive at my school then it will not hurt me.  I guess this means that if it doent hurt my undergrad gpa then it wont hurt my lsac gpa?  This is kind of wierd to me since the 2 differ on acedmic forgiveness for f's in undergrad school:/  Does this just reffer to weather or not i dropped the class in time for a W, for example if i drop it after monday then it goes down as a f at my school i think (ive never dropped a class ever).  Or do they really just adopt the undergrad schools policies even thoguh everyone is coming from different schools with probably different policies?
Sorry if i rambled and thanks for reading
-john levine

Studying for the LSAT / Re: MY lsat prep log
« on: June 22, 2010, 03:58:19 PM »
I have decided to stay the course and stick with accounting or finance.  My late acceptance to the  Susiness School at The University at Albany played a big role in this (sorry Geneso :-[)
I will take another prep test on thursday and post my results.  I can hardlly wait  ;)
Now on page 220 of LR

Law School Admissions / Re: Chances?
« on: June 19, 2010, 08:34:33 AM »
Your lsat score is just as impotrant as your gpa.  So much so that a poor lsat score might ruin your chances of getting into lawschool despite your gpa.  Obviously you cant have a higher gpa than 4.00, so i would say your chances aren't bad.  Just do well on your lsat.  You should aim to get in the 160's or higher if your looking at tier 1 schools

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