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This will be the only S on my transcript

Law School Applications / Re: Should I write an addendum?
« on: March 13, 2011, 07:36:43 PM »
So long as theres a good reason why you performed the way you did the first two times, i wouldn't recomend lying on an application.  You might want to mention what caused the different scores though

Law School Applications / Re: 49 year old physician seeking advice
« on: March 13, 2011, 04:10:38 PM »
Im not the most experienced person on this board but,
My guess is that you are in better shape now than you were 20 years ago because your job experience gives you a huge advantage.  Your UGPA will still be counted even though it dates back a while, and if you graduated with honors, your gpa is probably very competetive at florida U.  If you take an extensive Kaplan course there is no reason why you shouldnt be able to score the 160-162 needed to get in. 
I had a diagnostic of 150, and i am now scoring in the 160-164 range after about 4 months study where i put in about 75 hours of studying.
Personally i prefer powerscore, just make sure that Kaplan uses actual LSAT questions and you will be fine.
Hopefully some one else can jump in here

Law School Applications / A-E graded class changed to pass/fail (s/u)
« on: March 12, 2011, 02:49:32 PM »
I am taking a class right now that is graded on an A-E scale where an E is a failing mark.  However, we are allowed to change this to a pass/fail mark if we want to before a certain date.  In this case i would get a grade of a "s" for pass. 
How would this affect my UGPA?  Would the "S" be considered at all? 
I have a B in the class and i dont want it to stick to my UGPA or hurt my class rank. 

number 56

about 3 days after my slow exam i took preptest #13.  I took this test at a speedy but comfortable pase.  I would mark where i was at 35 minutes on each section and then tally my score assuming that i guessed E on every question left unanswered.  I would then continue to finish the section at the same comfortable pace. 
This resulted in 2 scores: a timed score and an untimed score (although the untimed score was still at a hurried pace)
The result was good i got a 164 timed and a 170 untimed.  Im preparing to take Preptest 14 now, hopefully i will score mid 160s again, either way i think i improved from a calmer approach and more "prephasing"

section 1
I got 2 questions wrong in the logic games that were just really sloppy mistakes, not really worth mentioning.
section 2
ive already gone over this in depth
section 3
Q10- i choose B instead of C, thinking that popularity was relative and that similar concerts would be the only base for that popularity
Q15- i thought D was more of a main point than a strengthen, i thought that B would logically follow
Q21- i thought D was wrong, the inro of similar dances was account enough for the revival, i went with C
section 4
Q17-Answer choices C and D were to similar for me to distinguish
Q21- i was not sure if the passage stated that the affects were negative on the minority group.

After reviewing the test a few time i understand most of the mistakes i made

I just finished my slow preptest.  Going at a deliberately slow pace i finished each section in around 55-60 minutes and scored a 169.  This puts the whole test in perspective and i now appreciate how difficult it is to score an 88% on this test, as i did on the 56th preptest.  I also realized how incredibly boring this test really is haha.
ill further review the exam tomorrow

Law School Applications / Re: Low LSAT, Okay GPA .... Where Do I Start?
« on: February 28, 2011, 01:10:18 AM »
I also suggest that you retake the LSAT.  It is not easy to transfer in law school and what school you graduate from is important.  If you were scoring in the high 150's then you really dont want to accept a mid 140, take it again and aim for a 160.  Even with a 158/3.6 gpa you might be able to get into a lower tier one school.

Thanks for the replys and some realy good advice.
Mike- im glad to hear that i still can improve, i was worried that i might have plateaued, im only 60 hours into studying so hopefully ill be over 160 for June.
Jeffort- great idea to take an untimed test i will take one tomorrow. 
I think i will scim through the bibles again, since i highlighted throughout them i can read them much faster this time through and focus on whats important.

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