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Studying for the LSAT / Re: Discouraging Diagnostic Score
« on: May 30, 2011, 07:30:09 PM »
It is important that you dont get discouraged by a low diagnostic test.  This test is only there to show you where your weaknesses are.  Furthermore, While that is not a great diagnostic, it is not the worst one i have seen by far.  Personally my diagnostic was a 150 and i am now scoring 164-168 on my daily tests, so there is no reason to believe that with intense studying that you cant see your score reach at least the 150's.  What you need to do now is buy some prepbooks (i suggest powerscore) and get down to work!  4 months is not all that long to prepare so you will want to spend at least an hour a day studying if not 2-3 hours (the length of a preptest).
Good luck studying and feel free to post any questions you have with the material

Without knowing exactly how well your doing on the lsat or what kind of law school you want ot get into, ill just assume that your not scoring high enough to get into your school of choice.  So i would recomend taking the lsat later, especially since you are going to be busy with finals. 
One option you would have for taking the lsat in october is renting out a motel or staying at a friends house for the night before the test.  It is kind of out there, and might set off your routine a little bit, but my bet is that youl still be able to score in your normal range.

Thanks for the reply, i have not been checking the table of contents and i have been including an experimental section in the first three sections, so i guess im in good shape.
Today i scored a 166 on preptest 44 and i noticed that the curves are much less generous after the first three books of preptests, where you only need an 80/101 for a 165.  I had an 85/100 and was expecting to hit my target 168, but was disappointed.  My breakdown was
LG 19/22
LR 24/26
LR 23/25
RC 19/27
that RC always gets me

Also, i have heard that the experimental section is always one of the first three sections.  Is that true?  I have been using the last section as my experimental (doing a section of an older test)  now im thinking of moving that to the third section.

Before you begin a preptest is tells you the order that the sections will be presented in, (and they dont even make you figure it out through some sort of logic game ;D).  My question is; when you take the real lsat does it tell you the order of the sections on the test?

i have actually taken 25 different preptests, and 5 of those i took twice

With the June LSAT approaching i am trying to wrap up and studying and i want to know how many preptests i should take before the test, and how many should i take a day?  I know this is probably personal preference to an extent and what i feel i can do, but others opinions are appreciated. 
Backround- i read the powerscore bibles twice over and compiled a 15 page review sheet which i review, so i dont think there is much more i can do there.
I have already completed about 16 preptests, 5 of which i did twice over, a month after i first took them.
With 21 days to go i have 20 tests i havent taken, and i can retake preptests already completed by buying replicate prepbooks (all the test ive taken so far are from the 3 books)
So i am thinking of taking 2 a day, one new test followed by an old test.  I have been aiming to do 3 sections, take a 10 minute break, do 2 sections (begining an old test), take a 10 minute break, and then doing 3 more sections (thus completing the second old preptest).  I have done this 2 of the last days, although today i took an hour long break before the 6th section  :-[  the other day i simply did 4 sections and quite after a test haha.
So any thought comments?  Im still scoring between 161-165 everytime, but i really feal like i could score a 170, if i cut and paste section scores together i have the capability, it just hasnt come together  :(
Anyway i guess im basically asking how much is too much and if im using the right methods to study

Studying for the LSAT / Re: Improving on a 165
« on: May 13, 2011, 11:14:30 AM »
sorry i meant the logic games bible haha, they teach you how to diagram and approach all the games

Also, how should i go about preparing for the comparative reading passage when there are so few available to take beofre test day?

Studying for the LSAT / how long are the breaks between sections
« on: May 12, 2011, 09:16:19 PM »
How long is the break between the 3rd and 4th sections?  Also, do you get any kind of break between sections?  I have just been turning the page and restarting the timer to simulate real test day conditions.

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