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It seems there is a full fledged imitator. Someday you will have your own personality and will stop mimicking the greats.

If a sonofpickle is in fact real which is highly unlikely and for humanities sakes I hope he is not.  He would definitely not have had any type of sexual interaction either gay or straight. He would be to busy playing world of warcraft, going to star trek conventions, and telling himself how awesome he is. Clearly he is above meaningless sexual interaction and he could not be either gay or straight he has reached intellectual nirvana and can't be bothered with peasantries of sexuality. Maybe he will have to procreate and spread his genius at some point, but that will be the only sexual interaction he will ever have.

I don't get my entertainment from simple facets like TV or video games. I would rather read a good book or attend a foreign film being showed at the local theater.

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Tier 4 Law Schools
« on: July 26, 2010, 08:15:57 PM »
Is this an attack of the hoi polloi? You people tend to band together when your views and world is challenged. That is what I sometimes notice, I get flack for my ideology and my character but yet, those who hold the same ideology and have much different character than my own are running the world mostly. What is it to you, though? I think you are just attacking me simply because you don't have a well enough grasp on your own life. Instead of taking it and dominating your life, you lash out at someone you think can do nothing else but take it. Well, I simply accept you for what you are and nothing more. I actually pity you and your little world. May you get better soon and finally see something worth living for than the repetitions of the past, picklepiper.

@Cicero: Some people label me as such and I believe some of my ideology coincides with the ideals, but I tend to make my own ideology rather than enlist in a prescribed one. To answer the question, no I do not consider myself as such.

I need degrees, that is why. People do not understand that a piece of paper doesn't show how much knowledge you have on a subject, but they want it as verification anyway. I get that, so I will abide by the customs of society because the breakdown comes when those who cannot assimilate to the dominant culture or abide by the rules believe they don't have to. I know people who are foreign, poor, or new to the culture must become apart of it and that requires them to uphold the same customs and traditions. The American dream they want mainly due to that being shoved in their face from one end to another. I am not out for the "American dream" which is what separates me from other people, especially in my peer group. I love talking with them because a flesh full of great ideology spews out and you'd think it was just a faucet of knowledge being streamed through a pipe seamlessly.

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Tier 4 Law Schools
« on: July 26, 2010, 08:03:50 PM »
sonofapickles' dad must be rich...

So lets break down how much sonofapickle invests....

Retail store mangers can make in excess of $110,000 at an average store, but because this person was being factious lets say the manager was at a high end store on 5th Avenue. That means the person is making about $200,000.

So lets say that this upperclassman from a regional undergrad (I have talked to a group of people are Massachusetts now, and none of heard of Carelton (it may be a great school, just saying it doesn't really impress anyone if your the 8th best liberal arts).

To to say that you make more in dividends than anybody in retail, lets see. The highest paying dividend I could find in 2010 was Best Buy at 1.28/stock. To make 200,000 in dividends you would need a minimum of 156,000 shares of BBY. So simply multiply 156,000 times the market value of about 35.00 per stock for a grand total of 5.46 million.

Are you telling me that you have 5.46 million in stock allocated? But lets just say you thought it would be 10,700 a year (minimum wage). That means that you would need at minimum 8,359 shares. That would equal out to a total of $292,000 dollars worth of stock.

But it would have to be more than that, because a financial wiz such as yourself would understand that dividends is a minor factor due to the realitivly low payout. Would it be safe to say that you would have upwards to 500,000 dollars put into the stock system? Or were you exaggerating?

Either your a silverspoon playing with daddy's money or your lying. More likely the latter. The facts are, the higher tier law schools do open more doors right out of law school. In the end, it comes down to who the person is. People like yourself, end up struggling if not out of Harvard or Yale since you have an idea that you are better than others. While out of the other two, it might play into the character that you would want to build, and who knows, may work a bit in some situations, but if you don't graduate one of those two, it will work against you and you will have a very hard time making it in anything you do.

To say that a job is "beneath you", shows a true lack of understanding of how things work. You will NOT graduate law school (even Harvard or Yale) and do the most prestigious work in the office, you will do the grunt work (70-80 hours+) for at least two or three years. Also, especially out of undergrad, you will not find the fun jobs for at least 10-15 years. I digress a bit, but the fact is, even "menial" jobs such as KFC/McDonalds, shows a lot to the character of the person. While sure, some are not hard workers that work there, and sure, some do it because they have no skills, the vast majority are high school kids working to help pay thier bills or help out the family. They build skills such as customer relations, time managment, and to those that get promoted to managers, they learn other pertinant skills. I am not saying that KFC is the best job ever, but to think anyone other than punks that never had jobs looks negitivly at that expirience is flat out wrong.

Not everybody's daddy can be rich, so some of us need to pay bills. For myself, I have been working since 14. Whether it be at Stop and Shop, Fuddruckers, or at a prestigous internship, I have worked for the money I have, not just given to me. That is why I laugh at people like you, because you really do not have any idea. When you are missing deadlines or yelling at the customer screaming at you on the phone, your 8th best in liberal arts is not going to mean all that much as you are getting fired.

Good luck, you'll need it.

It was an overextended use of the hyperbole. I think it is good that you showed initiative in your post though.

At the rest of your post, I highly doubt I will be chugging along grunt work as much as newly graduates. That I why I love and hate my life. People don't understand that. I didn't choose to be great, I was born above those who consider themselves equal to everyone. You believe, by your post and my up-most ignorant of an assumption, that you think or believe people are equal. That is not the case. Like I have stated previously to bigs., there are people who are not great, there are those who are moderates (most people), and then there are people who are great. That "great" person may be the person working in a deli aisle for the sake of being regular or that brilliant scientist making breakthroughs in his/her respective field. I have been considered great by many people, a perfect student, a perfect son, and by the kids I tutored, a perfect teacher. Placing, always, in the top percentile of anything I do and actually getting what I want. My whole life I never have been disheartened over something I did not get because I got what I wanted mainly due to me working for it.

People who do not get what they want simply don't work as hard to get it. It doesn't matter if you are rich or poor because you are the product of how you view yourself and your actual ability. If you cannot be a lawyer, it will show. I can surely attest to not many people here being cut out to be a lawyer. I know a lot of lawyers and my Uncle is a lawyer so I know what it takes and I know how things are run. You don't get that and I doubt you will as you believe working penniless jobs actually builds character. I have never flipped a burger, mailed a piece of paper, or worked any position I felt was less of my actual ability. I did an internship where I was considered successful or great in and I took that as a testament to my actual ability.

 I will have a better job than most graduates, and that is if I actually want to work as a lawyer. I am thinking of just obtaining a J.D. and become a broker, who knows? My opportunities and what I can do whilst landing a 6-figure salary and living primarily off interest is great. I don't know about you, but you seem rather taken-aback that you had to work meager jobs with little to show for them.  Working some idiotic job is not good for anyone and I will be the first to tell people not to work and go to school at the same time. People waste too much time thinking about where that next dollar bill is going to come from and they think less about what they need to do to obtain it. That is the major difference between those like me (more educated in respective works) and other people (less educated in their field and lack a certain tact that is imposingly, distinguishably different from those people consider "proletariats").

From the internship I did last summer, the people I interned for not only said I was a great intern and much better than the last ones they had, but also paid me when they didn't have to. From that very internship, I know if I had a desk job as a broker (financial advisor) I would excel at it. It is not a form of wisdom due to years of being employed but rather a form, "are you competent enough to complete the tasks at hand?" IF you aren't then you are just incompetent at the job and need a position that does not strain the little abilities you have.

If I were you, I would rather work with someone who has never held a job but was competent at his first job and completed his work effectively, than someone who has worked for years and was a bit incompetent and you could do his work for him and better. That is why I would rather work for myself selling commodities, stocks, etc..., because I am actually good at that. It is autonomous work but requires a lot of smarts to actually make money from starting positions. It also requires some level of prediction based on simulated outcomes.

Anyway, getting a job is different from, "are you actually better than me at your own job?" I could manage other peoples money and make them money 2-fold in 3 years off of their initial big investments, which I was apart of a group project for the brokers I was interning for and I came up with some pretty effective strategies based off of the markets. I am more independent in my work rather than group oriented because not many people are on my level when it comes to trading and making investments. That is the market section. The law section will require some form of learning how to deal with people I deem inferior. That is 3.5 years away before I actually become a full fledged attorney, so I have time to learn the basics.

Most people don't want to work in Big Law. Some do, but not everybody. You actually did say one thing that had a correct statment in it if you go to Cooley you probably won't work in Big Law. No matter what law school you go to the odds of Big Law are low.  However, the majority of legal jobs are not Big Law and Cooley Grads I am sure do in fine in non big-law situations. Again take the LSAT and step foot in a law school clasroom or at least hold a job for a day that pays you something.

You are all about getting paid from someone else. That is what separates you from me. I can make my own money and have more wealth and income than anyone holding down a meager job. In fact, I don't really need to work for someone if I don't want to. I am my own person and I know who I am. I am not a reflection or moniker of a company (what you are), I am a reflection of myself. You only notice yourself represented by the job you work in. A corporation defines who YOU are as a person, not the other way around. Not for me as I really can work for myself and make money for myself. Yes, I have never held a job, but have I made money on my own? Yes, I have made money. I make a lot more money than a person working at any retail establishment off of dividends alone.

You must know yourself in order to do anything and by your posts, it would seem you don't know anything about yourself so you go through various facets letting them define who you are as an individual. Sorry, but I am not going to live my life being mirrored and categorized by people/corporations. That is what separates the master (boss) from the servant (employee). I will have a career in the future and hold a position in a firm one day, but no way in hell will I be treated like some pawn in a chess game.

Incoming 1Ls / Re: The Official I'm Going to X School Thread
« on: July 25, 2010, 10:08:38 AM »
Whittier and Loyola are not achievements by any measure. If I don't get into Harvard with a 4.0UGPA and a 180 LSAT (prediction), I will be amazed. Chances of not being accepted into any of the Ivy Leagues is slim to none. Apply yourself, make sure you have the natural ability, and you are good to go!

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Tier 4 Law Schools
« on: July 25, 2010, 10:03:35 AM »
It was a mistake on my part to say Princeton. That does not change the fact that I could get into just about any Ivy league school out there with my stats.

@bigs: I have never held a job, so what? I still have more money. Have you heard of commodity trading and investments? I make more money off of dividends than anyone working in retail and fast food restaurants, not to mention, I make more money off of stock trading.

Law School Admissions / Re: undergraduate GPA
« on: July 24, 2010, 08:25:34 PM »
Well I hold a 4.0 whilst going for 3 degrees, two of which are finished now and the last one I will finish in the fall. I took harder classes throughout my undergrad career, and can say with affirmation, I am much smarter than most people. The harder classes weighed heavily on individual thought and creativity which are essential skills a person needs in life to succeed. Go ahead and take the easy classes and you will wonder why people seem more competitive. They worked harder and it paid off for them.

Electrical engineering, microbiology, classical physics compounded with organic chemistry, and Latin my first semester.

Second semester finance classes, accounting, business management, classical philosophy, and another Latin class.

Summer semester, more physics, biology, engineering, and chemistry.

Fall semester of second year, more finance classes, accounting, and various other business classes.

Winter term, more finance, economics, and philosophy classes.

Spring semester of second year, more finance, (I finished up multi-variable calculus while doing PSEO), economics, accounting, abstract algebra II, and philosophy.

Summer, internship at UBS (was paid 2k/month for basically helping clients with questions they may have).

Fall semester of 3rd year, finished up most of the classes that pertained to international studies which were taken out of the various classes I listed above and finished the philosophy major.

Winter term, took the last of the international studies classes.

Spring term of 3rd year, fiannce, management, analytical mechanics, and quantum mechanics (physics).

Summer, well... I am resting.

My fall class list consists of finance, more physics, and my last economics class for the Finance major requirement.

Taking the harder classes helped my brain improve to greater depths and understand much more of the natural world around me. I finished up the requirement for pre-med taking all of those science classes which is also an added bonus for me. For those wanting to take easier classes, well... good luck. You want to work different parts of your brain, but whatever, your loss.

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Tier 4 Law Schools
« on: July 24, 2010, 08:02:32 PM »
Why do I have a paying job then? While you who goes to the 82nd best liberal arts UNDERGRAD and you have never a job in your life and yet you act like you know what you are talking about when have nto even taken the LSAT. Shut UP and stop talking out of your a**!

You're a paralegal (operative word, paralegal). That is not much of a job and I could earn 3x much more after I finally graduate in the fall. Also, Carleton College is the 8th best liberal arts college in the country not the 82nd best.

I don't need a menial job as it won't even teach me a thing I need in life. Holding down some idiotic position as a manager at a retail outlet or some other job is not for me. That is the main reason why your prospects are so low as you held some common job and was bombarded by the views of the proletariat. I now have a 4.0 GPA and all I need is a 180 (a given as I studied as much as I needed to for the LSAT) and I can go to Harvard, Yale, or even Princeton if I want to. The only people who defend tier 4 schools are those who attend them.

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