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Job Search / Re: T4 with intern
« on: May 24, 2010, 02:03:59 PM »
Lol, obst cannot even beat me in logical reasoning, so I doubt he will ever be the one to contend with me in court. Even if he does, he would not be able to wipe the floor with me. We had a similar battle in a thread in the LSAT practice section. He brought in various other claims while I knocked them each down to the point he could not bring in anymore because they were all b.s. and he knew it.

Are you stupid? Most students in law school do not have a series 7 license, which means they are licensed to be a broker-dealer, and know the securities industry. Most students do not have an uncle who is a successful lawyer who attended a top 5, and a mentor who also a damn good lawyer, most people have not been in the legal world (I mean within it, from courts to talking with mentors and being taught on various legal practices) while in their teens, and most people in law school do not fluently speak German, English, and have near fluency (dialects are different in certain countries) in Spanish. Most students haven't studied business in Germany and Spain, most students do not triple major.

I have checked the stats and can say for sure, most students have not made accomplishments like I have and being only 19, that is significant. Not only that, most students have not finished prerequisites for Medical School and had near a 4.0 through undergrad. You say that is not special, but from a standpoint of me being so young, and having finished in the top 2 in all of my high school, and taking AP classes, and a PSEO student since the 9th grade, I can say for sure most people in law school have not made such accomplishments. How the hell do you figure why I am finishing college so early? I have been in college since the 9th grade but also wanted a High School career, so PSEO was the best option for me.

As for that thread? Lol, you are stupid. Most people in that thread did not drop more than 10 points. The average did not drop more than 4.5 points. You only had the fluctuating scores from what I viewed. That does not say much and is not to contest what I have been stating. If you check some other threads, and even obst can vouch for me, that I did state, "my score will drop but not dramatically." You don't get that because you are too stupid to even understand simple logic. If I consecutively score in the high 170's each time I take the test, then my score will not be below 168. The high 170's being 176 and so on.

Also, you have to factor in how those people were studying... One guy mentioned he took breaks between taking the test, well of course if you do that, you will be re-energized as your brain had time to recuperate. All in all, you fail to understand that those people applied different practice methods and their actual scores reflected that. One person commented that his practice tests, which were in the high 70's, did not drop from his actual test. He obviously studied the way he should have and not opted to take frequent breaks. I applaud your effort though, bigs, I very much do, but like obst, you will be schooled.

For your information math and science interrelate material into its applications. Why the hell do you think, you must have above a Calculus II prerequisite to even take higher forms of science? Science, unlike law, is the hardest field and not for everyone because it is mentally demanding.

You think by giving your bullshi*t opinion on a multiple choice exam will work? No, it will not work. Law schools integrate the multiple choice questions on their exams. That means, out of the 4-5 answers for a possible questions, there are straight wrong ones, a seemingly right answer, and the right answer. If you know how to read, comprehend, and you know the concepts of which the question is talking about, you will answer it correctly.

If you believe QM is so easy, I beg you to take a semester in it. When 50% of the exam grade is counted on the essay portion, you will wish you had studied or were smart enough to know what the hell the question was talking about, and how to complete it. The essay portion is not easy either as you have to create a hypothetical situation, apply it to real life, use a mathematical formula that you BELIEVE will support your hypothesis, and use what rules you've been taught in both the lecture and book to convey that your answer is correct. This answer cannot be a simple paragraph or page, but rather it will take you nearly 4 pages to complete if you are getting everything down not just summarizing. Then you have the multiple choice part where all the answers seem correct but only one answer is correct. It comes down to whether you know which formula is being used and how to apply it. Sounds similar to law, doesn't it? The tests administered by the professors at the school I attend in physics are just as hard as a law school exam. They aren't just what you believe is right, but rather, how can you use what is given and what you know to support your conjecture? That is much like law, yet you are too stupid enough to even get that.

A lot of schools use that same formula when concerning tests, not just law school. You overestimate law school and down play academia much harder than law. Engineering is 4x harder than law and engineering students have extremely harder tests than law school students. Science has as much conjecture than it has right answers. Just by you saying that, you show your lack of education in science. Most theories, are THEORIES, for a reason... They have backing, but are not considered laws. A law in science is something that is set in concrete and is proven and has no form of doubt.

You think you know gravity? Think again, as gravity is not real, then it is real in a different form of context. Mindfucker isn't it? Study science and then come and tell me what it is as you don't have much knowledge of it.

Lol @ naive and incompetent used in conjunction. Because law school is so hard that memorizing a few laws and text book writing is like memorizing a bunch of scientific laws, algorithms, theories, mathematical functions, and applying all of it in an essay and questions on a test? You over estimate law school. I have seen textbooks that law schools tend to use, and have to say, the stuff is like sociology. Easy to remember, easy to do, easy to apply.

Usually when someone was being polite on the phone and saying what you wanted to hear, they did not mean it. I bet when they got off someone said, "what a male private part." At least that was what happened to me when the server at my school got my order wrong. She said some words of hate under her breath and I could hear them being said. To make this short, she does not have a job do to the other complaints made by students. In any case, they are insulting you. But, not much they can do about it due to you having phone records of the conversation on hand, which could get someone fired.

You missed the 150 mark by just two points? Ouch... Yes, there is a difference between the two. A 3.702 looks pleasing to the eyes. 6 is the mark of the beast and no one likes that.

Law School Admissions / Re: Recommendation from sister?
« on: May 24, 2010, 12:26:03 PM »
When I suggested to my father if he could write a letter of recommendation for me he said, "that is the stupidest thing you ever said," he then went on a long speech about how it was stupid. My uncle is a well respected attorney and went to a top 5 school, but he cannot and will not write a letter for me. The reason being is, you need someone outside of the family pool to write you a letter, one usually comes from an academic setting from a professor who was able to get a feel of you, and another from either a mentor (not apart of the family) or another person in the academic field.

Law School Admissions / Re: Girlfriends rejections
« on: May 24, 2010, 12:21:49 PM »
She wrote a bad letter obviously. She is not as smart as you believe her to be and she does not want you to know that. She needs to write a better cover letter for the schools. With a GPA of 3.8 and an LSAT of 167, she should have gotten into one of those schools listed. IT was the letter, it was horrid. That is why you have someone, objectively, look over it for you so you minimize errors and have a better cover letter.

Your gf needs to let go of her pride. She doesn't want to tell you the truth out of fear of what she thinks, you may think about her if she did.

Wow, obst, you just described yourself in a nutshell.

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Nova Law School- Any good??
« on: May 24, 2010, 11:27:30 AM »
Yes, but that does not take away from its growth factor. That is only a few months out of the winter calender anyway. In the summer we don't go much over 90 degrees and the state is beautiful during all seasons of the year. The fall is even more nice. One of the reasons why I am going to practice law in this state is because it is relatively peaceful, beautiful, and job growth is going up.

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