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Roger Williams / Re: The WORST law school period!
« on: May 13, 2010, 07:21:57 PM »
I graduated from RUWSOL in May 2009 and here I am a year later still unemployed. I wasn't in the top ten of my class but I did graduate in the top 20% and passed the bar on the first try. I also had internships and an externship while in law school so I graduated with some experience. I actually feel that we received a very good education which is evidenced by the very high bar pass rate of my class. I do feel that I have been a part of an awful scam. I admit that I was a little naive going into law school. I had no idea how things work and what it really means to go to a bottom tier school. That being said I also didn't have aspirations of being a fancy biglaw attorney either. I was not looking for the $100k job. All I ever wanted was to work in a small firm or for the government. I would have been ecstatic to start out after school with $50k. I now know that even that dream is a little far fetched for RWSOL graduates. It is true that if you graduate in the top ten of the class the Boston firms will interview you and you will probably get hired but if you are in the rest of the class and you don't have any personal connections then you are just screwed. The career services at the school is a complete joke. I never expected them to work miracles but their negligence and lack of concern for the their students is just comical. The best thing that school could do for the future would be to fire Dean Bastone and hire a monkey to replace him. I honestly feel that it would be an improvement.

If you are a recent college grad looking to go to law school my advice is to find something else to do. If you can't get into tier one then you need to accept you aren't meant to be an attorney. Law school was an amazing experience but it was not worth the $150K loan. The sad thing is that I can't even get a job as a paralegal because i'm over qualified. I'm not really sure what I am supposed to do with myself now that I have accumulated a mountain of debt and no realistic chance of employment.

If you are reading all of this and thinking that this won't be you and that you will just work harder than everyone else well you are just an idiot. We all worked hard. I don't know anyone who graduated from RWUSOL and sat by and thought jobs would fall into their lap. If you really must attend RWU then my advice to you is to work extremely hard your first year and then transfer out to a higher tier school. This worked out extremely well for a couple of my friends.

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