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Current Law Students / 1L Commuting- Need your opinions
« on: April 11, 2012, 03:04:36 PM »
I am the parent of a lawyer and also of a future 1L.  I am having an argument with the future 1L  now that threatens our relationship and I thought it would be a good idea to poll all of you and openly share your opinions with her to settle the dispute.

The dispute:

She has been accepted at a good school and has been given a $34K scholarship as long as she maintains a GPA better that 50% of the class.  The tuition is $44k.

She currently lives 80 miles away in her boyfriends house.  Her car has 175k miles on it.

I offered to rent her an apartment near the law school, lease her a new car, pay the tuition difference, pay her college loans, pay the boyfriend her "rent" and pay all of her expenses for the time she is in law school (about $100k).

She says she wants to commute to law school from her boyfriends house.  And its all or nothing.  No compromise. I think it is unsafe and not doable.  I do not think she understands the amount of work required. 

I do not want her to loose the $34k and I am being firm on this.  Am I being unreasonable?

Unbias  (also Dad TY)

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