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A man who takes his wife's name is strong enough to stand up to convention and travel the road less traveled.  That takes REAL courage!  My husband didn't take my name (I'm female) but I am totally for men doing this.  I see no reason why not, especially if your wife is planning on supporting you.  Also I strongly feel that children ought to have their mother's last name.  The mom put in the grunt work, all the father did was get laid.  She deserves the credit no?

Iím sorry, but itís amazing to me how many weak men with low self esteem inhabit this board!  Of course thereís no reason for a manís wife to take his name, unless heís so insecure that it makes him feel better. 

But in that case I would advise not marrying him at all Ė youíre going to end up with problems based upon that very insecurity.

I would assume that most women want a man, not a frightened little boy.

Incoming 1Ls / Re: Is it worth it to go to Whittier?
« on: May 23, 2010, 04:58:47 PM »
Thank you Legalized  I have actually found a job at a sandwich shop and am saving up for school.  The reality is, my parents will support me if I go to school THIS year but not next year.  I have tried reasoning with them but they think that there is no point taking the lsat again and that it is too expensive (I only took it once and did not study near as hard as I should have).  They are willing to help me buy books, move etc. so long as I go now! 
  I got into Willamette as well but it has a terrible reputation locally and I have actually met a person who failed out as 3L's (not until after I applied of course).  Willamette did not offer me a scholarship either.  I have visited Orange Country and I would like to live there.  They have a terrible attrition rate due to the fact that in 2007 the ABA threatened to remove their accreditation and everyone transferred elsewhere.  (this is according to the head of admissions).  The next year they had an 86% bar pass rate which is way above average.  My feeling is, the ABA has put a fire under them to maintain a good bar pass rate and they have taken steps to do just that.  I would like to benefit from this pressure.  I guess I'm taking things one step at a time.  Getting into law school doesn't mean a thing if you can't pass the bar and that is where my focus is.

Sonofapickle: Not everyone who is poor is a crack whore!  Where do you get your information?  I also happen to support Obama's health plan.  Are you really Anne Coulter?           

Current Law Students / Re: Too Many Lawyers
« on: May 22, 2010, 12:05:53 AM »
Wham! Wham!  I love you guys for your passion and energy here.  Though I have to side against sonofapickle because he is so weird and nasty.  If it were not for people like sonofapickle we would never have anything to talk about on LSD so for that...I thank you!
 I must ask, why do you dislike "stupid" people so much?  Is it just lesser intelligence that bugs?  Do poor people bother you?  Do ugly people bother you too?   

  You are right, I shouldn't have posted my financial aid concerns under the financial aid thread.  What a waste of time!

  Problem solved by the way!  I decided to send the school a regular shower of mail.  I mailed them copies of all my financial information everyday and called every hour on the hour until they finally decided to admit that my file was complete. 
Sonofapickle...did you not get enough love in your childhood?

Incoming 1Ls / Re: Is it worth it to go to Whittier?
« on: May 21, 2010, 02:20:06 PM »
Ouch!  That stings!  Obviously I realize that I am "bottom of the barrel".  I realize I won't have much prestige or respect but I have a tough skin.  All I want is a challenging and intellectually engaging job that will allow me to live modestly but independently.  I have never been ambitious.  I prefer to be at the bottom.  I'm comfortable there.  Someone has gotta be at the bottom! 

What is dishonorable about defending those who can't afford a lawyer?  Thank god there are mediocre people like me out there who are available to serve the disadvantaged. 

Listening to the people in this thread will only set your goals so low you would never amount to be a good lawyer.

Firstly, going to a 4th tier school is similar of going to a community college for law school.

Secondly, becoming a PD is not an honorable profession, but rather a profession that says, "he obviously didn't cut it." Why do you think when people hear public defender, they roll their eyes? Public defenders are just the bottom of the barrel. If people could afford a lawyer, they would not opt for some public defender. It is rather dishonorable. People who believe it is honorable see themselves as public defenders, or are already public defenders. Public defenders are the welfare checks of law.

Current Law Students / Re: Too Many Lawyers
« on: May 20, 2010, 09:50:54 PM »
That's right!  Law school needs to go back to being the elite institution of yesteryear.  A really easy way to limit the number of lawyers is to close law schools.  Also we might consider making it illegal for women and racial minorities to study law (women make terrible lawyers, heck we'd be doing them a favor!).  While were at it why not raise tuition prices that ought to have an impact on the number of people making such an investment (then again maybe not).  Anymore creative ideas for limiting the number of lawyers in this country?  Gotta dream the dream.  Other people's loss is my gain!   

I agree with you.  I also live with my parents and there is nothing wrong with it.  I work hard and go to school.  I take care of their animals when they are out of town, cook, do dishes and clean the house. 

You forgot to mention that living with your parents is more environmentally responsible.  Two households means two refrigerators, 2 thermostats, 2 of everything.  It is better for the planet if we live in multi-family homes.  Sure it may not be "cool" to live with your parents but it is a hell of a lot more responsible. 

Yes, I live with my parents. I am an undergraduate and do not work. What do you expect? By living with my parents I devote my full attention to studying and not have to worry about living with a roommate, bills, and food. I chose a smarter path and decided to stay in the home of my folks and drive to school. It saves me money in the end. Not to mention, going to a private school takes a toll on your parents income and if I were to move into a dorm it would have been an extra 5k they would have to pay up. The only time I will use financial aid is in law school.

Do not downplay my choices as they are actually smart choices I have taken. I will not incur too much debt, have time to study, and will get a job after school. Whether you think it is "uncool" or not is your choice, but I can tell you this, the choices we make will impact us later in life. I am making the better choices for my future. Aside from that I am not even 21 yet so I don't see any reason to go nuts and jump down my throat like I am some lonely soul living in a basement. In fact, I live above ground! I have a nice large room which would be bigger than a dorm and my bathroom is located inside and don't have to worry about accommodating other people when I need to use it for an extended period of time.

I sent my Student Aid Application, Federal Tax return and W-2 in early March of this year.  I finally got news back today from my law school saying that they received my Application and FAFSA but not my Tax Return or my W-2.  I do not understand how this could happen.  I sent all my documents in together and they obviously got my application just not the documents that were stapled to it?  On top of that, I have been calling the financial aid office all day and cannot get ahold of anyone.  I tried to find an e-mail for the financial aid office but was unable to.  My plan currently is to make copies of my W-2 and Federal Tax return and sending them a copy everyday until they admit that they have received them or tell me what is wrong with my application.
I am upset and frustrated.  Has anyone else had similar issues with their Student Aid Office?  This seems super fishy to me. 

   Just because a straight man is attracted to "women" doesn't mean he needs to date all women or even many women to be "satisfied".  Being bisexual just means that you are capable of being intimate with either men or women.  Many bisexual people are in happy monogamous relationships.  A bisexual person is attracted to the individual not their gender.  In many ways this makes them the most likely to enter into monogamous relationships.   
    Bisexual individuals face hostility for precisely the reasons you brought up.  People claim it does not qualify as a true "minority" category.  Bisexual people are often discriminated against by people within the gay community and straight community for being "on the fence".  It is amazing to me that many people can comprehend being gay or straight but cannot seem to wrap their heads around bisexuality. 
I don't want to offend anyone (even though I understand I probably will) but can someone please help me understand why being bisexual should have any impact on an application?

You get turned on by/fall in love with more types of people than anyone else right?   What does that quality or experience offer a law school in terms of diversity? (Or anything else for that matter)

And as a bisexual, do you have any desire to enter into a monogamous relationship with one person?  Or do you require intimacy with both sexes in order to be satisfied?  And if so, do you support polygamy?  (e.g., one straight man married to two bisexual women)

Incoming 1Ls / Re: Is it worth it to go to Whittier?
« on: April 29, 2010, 04:31:12 PM »
Thanks very much for your honest advise.  I would really like to work as a PD.  Do you think this is possible? 

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