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Current Law Students / Re: Law school stress and relationship
« on: October 17, 2010, 12:36:54 AM »
I know you asked for success stories, but I don't have one personally.  I'll share my story anyway.  I'm a 1L, like your girlfriend.  I'm a 1L just like your girlfriend, rather.  Not a 1L who likes your girlfriend.  I probably don't even know her.  Anyway, my girlfriend came to visit me after about two weeks of my being away at law school.  A couple of weeks later, I broke it all off.  The stress, the new long distance, the workload, the new friends, the new cool city, all of that contributed to the decision.  She started a new grad program, too, so she had all this newness, but not quite as much as I did.  It was the right decision because we had only been together for about six months and, honestly, there are some very attractive women in my law school and city. 

That being said, look at it as a blessing.  When she's in law school (even if you're not doing the long distance thing, although I take it that you are since you wrote that she "left" to law school), you'll probably be fighting a lot.  If you're not fighting a lot, you'll probably be missing each other a lot.  And she'll feel guilty that you're missing her and you'll both want the relationship to be how it used to be, but it just can't be.  Skype sucks because you can see the person but you can't touch them.  That makes it even worse than gchat for me.   

I know you have been together for years, which makes it hard.  But, if you're a traditional-age student, you must be 20-22, so very young.  You have a lot of living ahead.   Pursue your dreams just like she pursued hers and the rest will fall into place. 

Law school is a meat market.  Any chick with halfway decent looks has a Russian breadline of dudes trying to get a piece.  You don't want to be stressing all about that.  Have fun during your senior year with a relaxed mind.  Because, really, you want her to make new friends in law school but you don't want to be questioning whether she's boffing them all. 

Yes, maybe if it's meant to be, you'll be back together.  But if she's wanting to take a break after the first WEEK?  Um, yeah...

Thats a terrible thing to say about chicks and meat markets and whatnots.  Jeez grow up.  I know guys like you at my law school and they are super annoying, constantly whining about how ugly the girls are and generally trying to keep women-kind down.  If that is your strategy for beating out the competition then you are screwed.  These women are spending their spare time studying and not taking hours getting their hair perfect so you will be impressed.  You are bitter and stupid.  I hope you marry someone gorgeous who spends all her time "boffing" your friends and then sticks you will alimony payments. You deserve it.   

I doubt your girlfriend is getting off with someone else immediately.  She's probably broken up about the break up. 

I routinely got 157-58 on my practice tests and thought I would do fine and then did much worse on the real thing.  It's your call but I think that the real test is more difficult than the practice tests.

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Looking for opinions
« on: August 07, 2010, 05:19:12 PM »
Yay for sonofapickle.  I love that we can always count on you for a savage burn.  Thanks once again for keeping us lowly peons humble. 

He has got a point tho...I have decided that it is incredibly stupid to listen to the advice of people on this site.  Not because the people who post are stupid but because it is silly to take advice from strangers who don't know you or your situation. 

Current Law Students / Re: whittier
« on: July 12, 2010, 02:32:55 PM »
I spoke with the Dean of Admissions at Whittier about their high attrition rate when I went down to visit the school in the spring.  He told me that their high attrition rate was due to the massive amount of transfers that occurred when the school was put on probation by the ABA.  In reality their attrition rate is something around 15% on average and easily half of those are transfers and not people who failed out.  Indeed, at a lower tier law school their attrition rates do tend to be higher because those who do well DO transfer out. 

I agree with many of your posts.  Going to law school is a huge honor and DOES place you amongst the smartest people in the country.  I think it is important to remember how lucky we all are to be attending law school. Pat yourself on the back now because law school and passing the bar are going to be hard enough. 

Current Law Students / Re: whittier
« on: July 05, 2010, 11:03:08 PM »
Hey!  I'm attending Whittier this August.  I don't know much about the school yet but I look forward to reading any responses you get.  Are you going there this year as well? 

Thomas Jefferson is a much better school.  I would go there. 

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Tier 4 Law Schools
« on: June 28, 2010, 11:15:11 AM »
Go Bigs! 

I don't think anyone here is arguing that going to a T4 is ideal.  I feel like the proponents of T1 schools are willfully misunderstanding the other side.  No one says that T4 is better than T1.  All we are saying is T4 is better than T0.  Why is this such a difficult thing to understand?

How does it make you all feel knowing that there are people out there getting law degree's a T4 schools?  Angry?  Sad?  Lonely?

Plus I love how ya'll keep saying that you are giving this advice because you know us and care about us and don't want us to ruin our lives by going to a crap law school.  You know is presumptuous and rude.  The only people who care about Ivy League schools are people who went to Ivy League schools and that is relatively few people. 

Ok, what if what I expect of my husband is to lack expectations of

One standard marital expectation is sexual fidelity.  The failure of either partner in this area can lead to STD's which in turn can cause sterility and even death.  This seems a reasonable expectation because of the consequences.  What are the negative consequences of a wife not taking her husbands name that he can point to and say "look at the harm that will be done if you don't take my name". 

I don't think men have much of a leg to stand on demanding that women change their names because "omg how will it look to other people if you don't change your name".  I doubt that men routinely lose respect or social status, health or wealth because of their wife's last name. 

Law School Admissions / Re: I need some real advice
« on: June 24, 2010, 10:17:40 PM »
Yes.  I think you will make a great law school application.  Much better than mine because you have struggled so much. 

Current Law Students / Re: Interesting
« on: June 24, 2010, 10:15:52 PM »
ugh.  Coke heads make me sick.

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