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St. Thomas (Florida) / Re: Summer conditional program
« on: April 08, 2010, 08:50:22 AM »
if you have the opportunity to attend a law school through a conditional program, take it. SOme people thnk that if you dont go to harvard you shouldn't go to law school but trust, if they accept you, take advantge. I scored low on the lsat but was accepted to some great T1 schools, T2 schools and even T3 schools. I attended a conditional program for the summer just to sort f get myself started in the swing of things, i was acceptd into the law school, graduated at the top of my class and make well over 6figures now. it is possible as one f my friends who scored etter than me on the lsat makes exponentially less than myself. If you get accepted of course your worthy of going and becoming an attorney. I came from poverty and both my parents have 3rd grade educations. from poverty to plight, i suceeded.. God gives you the recipe for your blessings, not someone go to the program and hit the grond running once you get admited for fall..
Good Luck

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