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Hi all,

A few question that I'm hoping the helpful folks on this forum will be able to help me with. I'm currently working in industry in Corporate Strategy of a large telco.  I've been giving serious thought to law school lately (with the ultimate goal of politics).

About myself:
I went to UBC and hold a BASc in Electrical and Comp engineering, and a BA in Economics.

I've been working for 3 years and just turned 26.

My grades in university in started out mediocre in the first couple of years with about a 3.0 (calculated out of 4.0) gpa.  I finished strong in my last three years with about a 3.8 gpa.  Are most law school admissions in the US (or Canada for that matter) calculated on cumulative basis? Is more weight placed on later years.

My question is, given this background and the assumption that I kill my LSAT, what is the best tier of US (or Canadian) school I can get into?

Thank you for reading.

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