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Law School Admissions / Re: IP law undergrad preferences...
« on: March 25, 2010, 04:33:59 PM »
i wonder about art law though, which is a form of patent law

Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / Re: intellectual property
« on: March 23, 2010, 10:11:08 PM »
i was heavily considering DePaul because i want to goto school and live in chicago. IP law is the genre of law that I'm most interesting in as well. I read this though and its making me change my opinion of DePaul.

yea goood point. i am getting one from a manager at my workplase that ive been in contact with for 3 years. its a restaurant though, not really anything law related.. my father is a lawyer, and has lawyer friends, none of whom i know now, but i could meet them i suppose; doesnt really sound like a great chance there though. i hear that it is really important to get at least one if not two from teachers though, maybe one work related, and two from teachers total. especially if your not  a major with a lot of writing reqs like i am (studio art)

I go to a big public school in TX and have not always wanted to go to law school and so i havent been exactly cultivating all my teachers for rec letters. this semester i realized i want to do law school and i have an art teacher ive had for 3 years, whom I have an alright relationship with, but would she write a letter on how awesome i am i dont know... other teachers i feel like just one of theire students, no special relationship. i could start going to office hours and at least have them know who i am, but im still skeptical that any of these teachers would want to write me a meaningful rec letter.. not sure what to do...

ill do it

Law School Admissions / IP law undergrad preferences...
« on: March 22, 2010, 07:38:38 AM »
Im very interested in IP law, but did not major in engineering or a science. I have heard that most schools, or employers really, prefer IP JD's to have that kind of undergrad experience. Especially in this economy where even seemingly overqualified new JD's are having a difficult time getting good jobs, does it matter significantly what your undergrad major was/is when thinking about trying to pursue IP law?

I am a studio art major for one, just throwing that out there. not sure if its even likely at all that i will be accepted into any schools MBA program especially straight form undergrad, but i like business and ive always liked law. i listen to supreme court oral arguments on my IPOD during my 2 4 hour studio classes each week. IP law seems nice too but i am an art major and employers like to see engineering or science in undergrad for that. art law interests me but i dont know much about it, and having an art degree doesnt seem like it would help me in that much, art degree= worthless in my opinion. i know at some point in my life i want to start my own business, might decide i want to do it right out of law school, maybe not, maybe i want to practice for a while and get a good legal background for it/build some clients, learn about how the world works from a legal standpoint; at least moreso than i do now. maybe corporate law, maybe not. but a JD/mba from what i have learned can, not always, set you apart, and i think the mba is nice to have if i want to start my own thing, or maybe go in with a few others who might not be impressed with a studio art degree in and of itself. woudlnt consider myself smart enough to be considering harvard or duke realistically, if i make a top 15 school it miiiiight be cornell in which case id go. if im lucky ill be deciding between a near full ride at a 60-70ish school or a spot in a top 15 at full price. other than one of those options, i feel like the risk is not worth it, based on what i have read.

Law School Admissions / Studio Art major applying to law school..
« on: March 21, 2010, 01:43:06 PM »
I go to a top 50 public univ in Texas, and am a Studio Art major with a concentration in ceramics. GPA isnt that great 3.2-3.3 but my LSAT will be in the 165-170 range. Im wondering what law schools will think of my major. I also want to pursue JD/MBA but wont have any real work experience, not like a studio art major can really get you a job anyways, although i do have a decent resume as a selling artist.... I woudl really like to work in a big city like Chicago, NYC or LA. I know biglaw is a long shot and would depend on how well i did in law school. So i will mainly apply to schools in those areas, might throw in pepperdine, UNC, UHouston, UT and U washington st louis. Im very interested in IP law but have read that it is important that you have some sort of science or engineering background for that field. I started off premed in undergrad but i dont think that will help me too much there. anyone else who is an art major or who knows/knew one who applied and did or didnt get into law school, let me know what you know. Art and law/business are very different fields but for me it is a good mix.

i guess i just dont want to end up doing document review or being a "temp". i want a real legal job, not necessarily biglaw 160K, but 80-100K and something that I'm passionate about doing whether it be IP law, real estate law or whatever i find the most intesting in law school after reading 100000 cases. if its farfetched to think that i can achieve that without going to harvard or duke, and without being top 10% of my class, i dont know if i want to take that risk...

also, does getting a JD/MBA help distinguish you from that much, or is it just "over-qualification" for most legal jobs as they say.. I like the idea of JD/MBA because it offers flexibility, and i know that at some point i want to own my own business.

after reading blogs like

All of these blogs paint an extremely dismal picture for 90% of grads coming from nearly every school that is not in the top 10 or 15.
I have to wonder if what these people are saying is really accurate or not or if these are just a few people who graduated at the bottom of their classes and didnt try to use the career services at their school, and are now stuck doing temp document review. I could be wrong and maybe its nearly impossible to get a decent 100K job from a school in the top 100 and outside the top 10, but something seems strange when i read these blogs. I mean take a school like cardozo, or fordham, or washington U in st louis. top20ish top 30ish. all post median salaries in the 100K range or a little more. yes the 1op 10% of the class will do well, but what about a guy in the middle of the road at these schools, or maybe lower 25th percent of his class. do these people just get no jobs?? what kind of jobs do they get??.
Im starting to think that unless i get into a top 10 school, which wont be easy for me, mayybe cornell, and mayybe northwestern though its doubtful; perhaps i shouldnt goto a school unless i get a full ride, or unless i can come out with less that 20K in debt ( w/ a big scholarship)

is anyone else having similar thoughts?

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