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Meta Discussion / Do you want to develop your training skills?
« on: March 15, 2010, 02:56:35 PM »
Train the Trainer FETAC Level 6
Do you want to develop your training skills?
Do you want to learn how to handle difficult trainees?

You may be about to deliver in-house training and that's great - You'll usually have a good knowledge of the topic, the

priorities of the business and people's expectations and needs.However, you may want to develop your training skills; this

course will assist you in capturing the trainee's enthusiasm, handling "difficult" trainees and measuring the effectiveness of

the training. This practical course gives you these skills and more. It is suitable for those who are new to training, those

with some experience but who would like to polish their performance and those who have the desire to become a trainer

and need a formal training qualification.

Course Aims
You will learn:
                 How to define objectives that meet both business and trainee needs
   How to recognise the different learning styles of trainees and adapt your training accordingly.
   How to plan and design training to gain the trainee's commitment and enthusiasm.
   How to identify and prevent a problem before it develops.
   How to act assertively but not aggressively with challenging trainees.
   How to check that your training is really effective and that learning has occurred.

Course Structure
We run this workshop as an interactive session with plenty of opportunity for participants to discuss and learn how to

handle a range of training challenges.You will also be able to plan a training session and practice your skills in delivering

training.We ask you to bring details of training you either deliver now or plan to deliver. This helps ensure you can more

easily apply the training after the course.

Train the Trainer
This FETAC Train the Trainer course will provide the skills, insight and knowledge to manage training in a professional

manner. The training course will develop an awareness of the context for training and development, and the key issues

that impact on its planning and delivery. This Train the Trainercourse will enable training professionals to develop their

expertise to design, understand, identify, deliver and evaluate training within their organisation.  FETAC(the Further

Education and Training Awards Council) is the national awarding body for further education and training in Ireland.

Entry Requirements
The Train theTrainer course is ideal for those wishing to work in the field of training or those who wish to take up a

training position within their organisation

Career Path
The Train the Trainer course will enable students to:
   Manage their own development and
   Prepare them to take on the challenges of change and diversification

Opportunities for progression include:
   Project Management

Specific Learning Outcomes
Specific Learning Outcomes  Learners should be able to:
   Compare and contrast concepts of training and education 
   Apply theoretical concepts to a coherent framework for training practice 
   Identify the prerequisites for effective communication in groups 
   Demonstrate an understanding of group dynamics 
   Explain key principles and methodologies which underpin adult learning of learning styles, learning outcomes,

essential techniques 
   Evaluate the approaches of different adult learning theorists e.g. Knowles, Kolb, Friere, Brookfield, Rogers, 

   State the contribution of theorists such as: Dewey, Gardner, Maslow, Piaget and Skinner to the psychology

of learning.

Check out this youtube video on training!!!

General Aims
Learners who successfully complete this module will:
   Understand different learning styles 
   Understand the functions and processes of learning and training
   Evaluate different approaches to training 
   Appreciate the importance of training on an individual, social and economic level
   Work effectively with a range of learner groups. 
   Design, deliver and evaluate training programmes
   Develop and implement appropriate assessment methods

Course Objectives
   Provide a full coverage of important training skills.
   Ensures training meets business and personal goals.
   Helps you to have the self-confidence and presence needed to get results

Venue: City North Hotel                                     
 Exit 7 off the M1                                 
 March 23rd, 24th, 30th & 31st                                 
Cost: 800euro

Telephone : 01 8085670

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