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Job Search / How to land a paid internship?
« on: March 08, 2010, 05:58:58 PM »
I have heard about paid internships an dhow difficult they are to acquire, however, they do exist and was wondering if anybody had any information on what particular fields may offer the most paid internships, how to go about getting one, and any appropriate time-line i.e. after 1L, 2L etc. Thanks.

For those already in law school, is there, more or less, a standard format in regards to tests and courses gradings or does it very dramatically from class to class?

For example, are most classes just one final exam and that is your grade for the course?  If so, how is the test broken down e.g. one essay question, several smaller essay questions, multiple choice, or a mix of essay and multiple choice. 

If no, how is the class grading broken up e.g. projects, case brief grades, discussion grades, tests, essays etc.?

Also, related to this, any tips on how to prepare for each class whatever the course grading scheme may be?  Thanks in advance.

I am currently admitted to law school but am looking to transfer out after my first year of school to a more prestigious college.  I have accepted admission this year to a lower tier school because of the financial aid package they offered because without which, I would not be able to attend school for my first year.  During my second year of law school, however, I should be able to afford the schooling no matter what the aid package is hence, my desire to go to a more prestigious school to open up more job opportunities, possible academic career path etc.

My question centers around what I should be doing during my first year outside of being one of the top students in my class G.P.A. wise?  

Should I be on a law journal or moot court?  
Should I be doing any specific types of extra curriculars to make myself a more appealing candidate for transfer at my desired school?

Additionally, being that I am currently going to school at a T4, what is my ceiling as far as transfer is concerned assuming that my class standing at the end of my first year falls anywhere from top five (5) overall on the high end, to barely top 10% in my class on the low end?  Is top 10 a realistic possibility, or is top 30, or top 50 more likely?  Moreover, is their a general rule regarding transfers and financial aid packages i.e. would I possibly be eligible for any scholarships or would that have to wait at a minimum until I have completed one year at my new school?

Also, for some schools I took a look at, their transfer policy states that you must receive a letter of good standing from the dean of the college you want to transfer out from.  Now, would my approaching a dean about a transfer lead to the possible revocation of my scholarship ?  Any pertinent information is greatly appreciated.  

I have been accepted to law school for the Fall 2010 semester and wanted to make sure I was as prepared as possible for school.  I was not a pre-law major so do not even have a rudimentary knowledge regarding some fundamentals of the law school experience e.g. case-briefing, outlining, etc.

What should/could I be doing to better prepare me for law school now so that I won't find myself in any sort of G.P.A. deficit during my first semester or year.  

Also, I did peruse the suggested readings posted by the law school I will most likely be attending (still waiting on an admissions decision from a few other schools) but some of them seemed to be more about the law school experience as an example "My first year of law school as a female" and "How I survived law school"; are these books really as useful for my first year of school as opposed to books that outline how to brief cases, legal terminology, learning legal writing etc.?

Any advice is appreciated and any suggested books or courses are welcome.  Thanks.

Job Search / How to locate Immigration Law internships in PA?
« on: March 07, 2010, 12:36:18 PM »
To provide some background, I will be a law student for this coming Fall 2010 semester at a T4 school with the intent of pursuing a career in Immigration Law.  After graduation, I hope to work in PA and most likely the Philadelphia area.  I read in different publications that a 1L should be looking for their first summer internship in the months preceding their first semester of school which is what has led me to this post.  

Does anyone know of any particular firms, organizations, etc. that could provide me with said internships or even some guidance in regards to where I can look for them?  I am especially interested in completing my internship in the Philadelphia or Harrisburg areas.

Also, I do remember reading that their is the potential for paid internships in limited numbers, would also be interested in any information regarding these opportunities.  

Finally, is there anything that I can be doing now, in the summer preceding my first year of law school study i.e. internships work that would be beneficial for me academically and or professionally.  Any pertinent information is greatly appreciated.        

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