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this may be wishful thinking... but I think when you are getting up towards the 170s, the difference between tests is how well high-scorers do on the hardest questions.. Remember princeton review and other prep companies are mostly serving average test-takers and i think this site is self selecting for high achievers..

so when princeton review says the games here were slightly easier, it might mean the usually easy games were even easier.. think about it, the first game was probably the easiest in the last few years, the second game was basic sequencing and the third game was certainly far from difficult.. i think most people like myself struggled on the 4th game.. and i think the 4th game was the hardest from the last few years of LSATs.. i think that might affect the curve towards the upper end as fewer people will get in the 90s.. same thing for logic reasoning.. i felt like it was pretty easy except for a few very tricky questions..

again this may be wishful thinking, but just throwing it out there  :-\

Law School Admissions / Re: apply to berkely and stanford?
« on: December 09, 2005, 12:15:36 PM »
i am thinking right now to apply to both after reading...

I applied to cornell but I would hate to stay here for three more years, i really dont like this school.. so im thinking if I get into duke, gw and say berkely then i got some decisions to make and i like having that option..

whats the deal with berekely tho, i looked on law school numbers, they dont seem to care as much about lsats, is that true? Is stanford as hard to get into as harvard and yale?

And what do those specialty rankings means, like is GW really better than say nyu for intellectual property?

Law School Admissions / apply to berkely and stanford?
« on: December 09, 2005, 10:39:41 AM »
Hey, I was wondering if I should apply to Berkely and/or Stanford.  I have already submitted 15 applications mostly to schools on the east coast (
I am stilling waiting on my december LSAT score as I canceled the october one.. I am expecting a 166-172, my LSAC GPA is 3.89 and my degree gpa is 3.98 from Cornell. 

I havent done much research into the schools, but it looks like Berkely puts a lot of weight into the GPA (which is good for me) and I probably have no shot at Stanford with less than 170.  If i get a 170 I figure to get into nyu/columbia which I would probably choose over going to Cali.  Berkely is intriguing as it is ranked high for intellectual property, is cheaper and looks like I will have a shot at it even with a 167. What do you guys think?

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