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Yes, I received the refund with no problems  ;D

I just withdrew from the AAMPLE program and when I got the confirmation email for my refund there was a string of emails to get it to the correct person at FL Coastal, and one person said "another one." Obviously, many people are dropping the course. Its crazy expensive and who wants to gamble with less than 50% odds. I wrote the director of the program after I saw the comment "another one." This is what I wrote:

"Thank you. I see from the comment "another one" that I am not the only person who has withdrawn. I can tell you my reason; with it being so expensive compared to other alternative programs, and the fact that the most that has ever passed is 60%, the odds are stacked against every person who takes this course. Its too big of a gamble. I think the concept is wonderful, but it shouldn't be an impossible task to complete with such a high price tag. Just my thought. Take it for what its worth. Thanks!!"

He wrote back "I agree"

So, if the director of the program thinks it is overpriced and too difficult, its probably not the best option. Re-take the lsat and a prep course for a fraction of the AAMPLE price.

Has anybody on here participated in the University of South Dakota Law Screening Program? I am trying to decide between enrolling in this program or the AAMPLE program? USD seems much more legit and much less expensive. I have heard AAMPLE is incredibly difficult. I already paid my AAMPLE tution however it is refundable until April 19!

Can anybody give me input about USD's program? Please help!

I am taking AAMPLE this year. I have heard it is difficult, however if you put the time in, you can do it. I am banking on doing nothing but studying for 5 weeks but its worth it to me! I got all the books already and the more difficult class is going to be Negotiating Instruments, in my opinion. Criminal Law shouldn't be too bad but I have a Masters in criminal justice, therefore, much of that info isn't too new to me. Now, I am just waiting for the syllabus to be posted so I can start to study!

I would love to hear from other who have taken and passed the course!

Current Law Students / Re: Summer conditional program
« on: February 15, 2010, 10:59:28 PM »
hey, did you end up taking this course last year? I am going to be taking it this year.

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