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Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / Re: Rejections 2009-2010 cycle
« on: April 13, 2010, 03:13:54 PM »
3.55, 156  (white male lol) CA resident

U of O, ASU, UC Hastings, Washington and Lee, UNLV,

Waiting:USD, UC Davis

Wait List: USF

Accepted: UOP Mcgeorge

Incoming 1Ls / UOP McGeorge class of 2013
« on: April 01, 2010, 01:13:14 PM »
I am going to UOP Mcgeorge in the fall, anyone else?  Current students what are your thoughts?  Anyone have any negative thoughts about it, I have not read one bad thing.  Most students on the boards seem to enjoy going there.  Anyways, would like to get in touch with others who are going to UOP to get together sometime in the summer maybe? 

Much Appreciated

Now this is just a suggestion, I do not want to get clobbered for saying this, but by the time I had decided to apply for law school, I was out of school for over a year and I had no special relationship with any of my old professors to speak of.  I had four letters of rec written for me.  I work in the medical profession, and the four letters were from 2 managers, a co-worker, and a Dr. whom I work with.  I am not saying that you need to get one from your boss, but be creative.  If you aren't comfortable getting one from a teacher, I would suggests searching for a superior at work, family friend who is established in the community maybe.  I really think it's more important to get a rec from someone who actually gives a damn about you and will write a good rec than to get a professor who doesn't even know who you are. 

I don't know I could be wrong, but that's my suggestion.

Best of luck to you buddy.

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: UNLV 1L Taking Questions....
« on: March 16, 2010, 03:03:47 PM »
Now for a real question...where are the fish at??? I used to play at Harrahs, an extremely easy game.  I hear the Venetian has an easy 1-3NL game.  Don't know if you're into that, but I guess I got a Rounders fantasy haha.  I've been playing for 7 years, second job for about 2.

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: UNLV 1L Taking Questions....
« on: March 08, 2010, 04:29:33 PM »
I'm really considering UNLV, couple questions:

1.Is Vegas distracting?
2.How oppressive is the heat?
3.Are the professors helpful when approached with questions and concerned?
4.How are the facilities?
5.Did you choose UNLV over other schools and if so which ones and why?

Current Law Students / Re: Taking a break number 2
« on: March 01, 2010, 11:41:04 PM »
Psych was my undergrad, and it was a joke.  I was actually in the same boat you were when I started undergrad.  I wanted to combine psych and the law being as those were the only two things I had an interest in.  Psych allowed me to work a pretty much full time job as a Medical Asssistant (32 hrs), take more than 15 units, and drink heavily 4 nights a week.  I got over psych really quick because it was always a class full of guys with testicles removed, hippies, and women complaining about their problems/telling you how much their lives sucked.  Don't forget the old biatch who was too fat to fit in her desk who always complained about her fibromyalgia and made us stay 15 minutes after class ended to tell us stories about her mother that no one cares about.  The worst was the teachers who thought telling someone that they were wrong would hurt their psyche.  I got my professors to change grades by telling them crap like it would "damage my educational progress to get this type of grade, I'm really trying."  Do you want to go to the Zen center and stare at the wall with Buddhist monks for 2 hours trying to find yourself?  Psychology is great and I actually love it, the problem is that the idiots have taken over the curriculum in the name of tolerance/diversity/idiocy.  One of my classes we watched episodes of star trek every week and had to write a one page psychological analysis that he admitted he never read.  As long as you turned in something you got an A.  The final was a 20 point quiz that he gave us the answers in advance to memorize. 

Ultimately it's your choice man, but I'd say not worth it considering you are doing well and are in the law school frame of mind. 

Best to you bro

JasonTaylor Dr. Balsenchaft is right there will be some doors closed to you if you are a T-2, T-3, T-4 student. People that get into Harvard, Yale, Standford are brilliant and more than likely the worst student at Harvard would probably be near the top of the class at the T-4 I attend.  However, this board often seems to make T-4, T-3 schools as a place where crackheads reside getting into any ABA school is an accomplishment considering you essentially have to get above a 3.0 in undergrad, which for people considering law school does not seem that difficult, but the majority of undergraduate students do not achieve that. Even after doing well in undergrad to have a realistic shot at getting into an ABA school you need to get 150 or above on the LSAT, which requires you to do better than 50% of LSAT test takers. So getting into an ABA school is an accomplishment, but people that make it to Harvard or Yale are smarter, more motivated, or have amazing connections.  Therefore, they will have more options than those that attend lower schools. If you want to practice Big Law and make some serious money then I would not recommend going to a T-4 go look at the big firms like White & Case or O'Melveny & Myers and you can see where the attorneys went to school. The majority went to top tier schools, you will find a handful of T-4 and T-3 grads, but click on attorneys that attended Harvard Law School and you will see about 100 attorneys pop up. Click on Golden Gate or Southwestern and maybe one  will appear.

Now if you go to a lower ranked school you are not going to be destitute there are plenty of opportunities in smaller firms or government, but the money is not going to be great and you will likely be more than 100,000 in debt. I think the real reason lower ranked schools get a bad wrap is that the media portrays lawyers as jet-setting millionaires, but that is not the case even for a lot of Harvard Grads. No lower ranked school is going to tell you that the red-carpet is going to be rolled out for you upon graduation, but people considering law school take the LSAT and don't break 160 and think they will go a lower ranked school and be the exception and be handed a 100,000 a year job at graduation. Instead what happens is that law school graduates from lower ranked schools wind up 100,000 in debt and look for a few months for employment after graduation and get a job paying 40 to 60k and it is more likely they could have spent the last 3 years of their life making money doing something else and not paying 100,000 for the education. If you wen to law school to make money then you would not be happy, if on the other hand you went in wanting to be a lawyer, because you find the profession interesting then you will be satisfied.  The main point of this post is that a T-4 or lower ranked school won't leave you homeless and be proud of your accomplishment for getting in, but don't be naive to think you are going to sit on the U.S. Supreme Court if you went to a T-4 school.  Be sure that you can be happy with the legal profession and I would recommend being a paralegal and you will see the long hours that lawyers put in and you will see lawyers are not exorbitantly rich they are living upper-middle class or middle class lifestyles and have to pay down their student loans for years.  JasonTaylor you should be excited about making it into an ABA school, but you do need to realize that a Harvard Grad and the other T-14 grads who go into the market when you graduate will have more career options and that attending a lower ranked school will close some doors, going to a T-4 I am pretty confident I will not be the next President of the United States or sit on the U.S. Supreme Court, or even be work in Big Law right after graduation. However, a current Harvard student can believe they have a chance at those opportunities.

I have done some research, and I am not entering law school with grand expectations of making 6 figures, this is what I have always wanted to do, and I thank you for supporting me and trying to make sure that I make the best decision possible for my life.  We should be supporting each other, that was the message I was trying to convey.  Thanks bigs maybe I'll see you out there some day. ;D

I said grads from t2-3-4 CAN be just as successful, we just have to work harder...seems like you agree with that.  I don't also see why we have to be rude to eachother, aren't we in the end future colleagues with common goals and dreams?  There should not be this sense of pessimism towards those who are going to these schools, I was just trying to give my support.

My intent with this post was not to get into an argument, but maybe I am just trying to make myself feel better...who knows?  I'd like to believe I am just optimistic, but maybe that optimism will get crushed within the next three years.

Are you serious?  Fine let me rephrase this to state that I am referring to anyone who isn't going to a t14 school k?

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