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Job Search / JAG -- Vision Restrictions
« on: February 05, 2010, 01:09:07 PM »
SOMEBODY HELP!!:  I'm was about to apply to the JAG office and I was getting very excited about the idea of being an attorney and serving my country at the same time, but then I saw the vision restrictions.  I was hoping you or somebody you know can tell me realistically what chances I have of being selected (assuming my interview goes well/they like what they see professionally and personally).  The answer is not online. I have looked at all of the documents.  I need somebody to tell me if a condition like mine is ever waived (it's under the "waivable" list but I have never heard of anybody being waived--I've known 1 person being rejected because of it but that was 9 yrs ago) or maybe it is, but I shouldn't get my hopes up.  I just really want to prepare myself.  Also, can I increase my chances of being selected if I get lasik/pkr surgery or does it not matter considering my pre-operative prescription is so high (this is also unclear on the website and falls under the "waivable" category).  Please contact me. I would really appreciate some insight.  PS: My prescription is -10, both eyes, correctable to 20/20 in one and 20/40 in other eye w/contacts

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