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Reviews, Visits, and Rankings / Re: US NEWS RANKINGS leak (2011)
« on: April 22, 2010, 11:19:59 PM »
In my opinion the bar passage rate should be the MAIN issue.

Maybe if you're deciding between two law schools that have 75% and 85% bar passage rates.  This wouldn't be a good way to distinguish between the top schools though, because it would suggest changes in overall quality that were far greater than they actually were, since the percentage fluctuates from year to year by a decent number of percentage points just due to random chance.

Also at the top law schools, very little of the curriculum is devoted to bar passage.  They assume you'll just learn most of that during the month or two before the bar.

These words say it all "they didn't hear anything back"

You do a lot with a little.

Two points:

1. These rankings are meaningless near the top.  The 50% (or whatever it is) of Yale's graduating class that goes on to clerk immediately after law school seriously distorts the placement rankings.  Pretty much every one of those people could have gone to one of the national firms if they had so chosen.  Just because a certain percentage of the class places in certain jobs doesn't mean that only that percentage had the opportunity.  This also doesn't take into account the varying percentages of graduating classes that opt for public interest jobs over the private sector.

2. The fact that peer assessments are subjective does not mean that they are meaningless.  Other people's opinions matter in this industry, to some degree at the very least.  It's better to accept that fact and move on than to spend your energy fighting it.

Reviews, Visits, and Rankings / Re: US NEWS RANKINGS leak (2011)
« on: April 21, 2010, 06:01:50 AM »
...there is whole thing called common sense that exists in the real world and a lot of people on this board and in law school should learn about it. 

Ah "common sense," the thing that people throw out when they don't have data...

Remember a lawyer who works as a legal secretary is still a licensed lawyer passing time untill something  better comes up, a legal secretary who skipped lawschool can only say "yes I'd love that lawyer job....give me 3 years to get ready.. :P "

My point was that passing time until something better comes up doesn't seem all that promising given the fact that when that something better does come up, the legal secretary who is also a lawyer will probably be competing with lawyers who have been working as lawyers.  At best, it will be a hard slog upward.

Fair enough.  A lawyer who's in one of these areas probably has a better chance of getting back into a full-time lawyer position than someone who is, as you said earlier, just delivering pizza.  That having been said, they're probably still less competitive than the folks who have been working full-time as lawyers without a break, don't you think?  (I am talking about the ones taking legal-related but not lawyer positions, so not JAG.)

as to the not letting you quit that true anytime you sign a number of years contract. Civilian contractors see it the most, but in theory it applies to all jobs. Civilians more likely to get sued, military go to jail.

Okay so it's not quite like the military.  I thought you were saying that there were comparable situations.

That IRS position still looks like it requires an application process that's competitive.  Doesn't really look like it's a last-resort job.

Give me a minute and I'll give you an example.

Thanks.  :)

I'm also curious as to which civilian agencies won't let you quit.  I've never heard of that.

Are you interested in doing it for work or just to be ass? If authenticly interested I might be willing to spoon feed this to you,but not if its a pissing contest.

I'm genuinely curious which agencies these are.  I didn't realize we were engaged in a pissing contest.  If I had, I would have tried harder.  ???

I'm not asking about the JAG corps, since you've already said that you spoke to them specifically.

same thing. You ask, they tell. Many pay simular to military and yes many won't let you quit either.

So which civilian regulatory agencies are hiring lawyers that can't find jobs in the private sector, exactly?  I'm curious exactly who they are.

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