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Hey guys - greatly appreciate the responses, this is extremely helpful.  I'm not assuming I'll get into the top 10% or even a top 30 school.  I'm only creating that scenario for the board to judge so I can see what effect being older will have when all the other factors are strong.

Alamo - in your job search have you found that there isn't any bias against older applicants?  I'm trying gauge how an older applicant is seen by a firm.  Lets forget the non-profits for a minute, if I'm applying to a large corporate law firm you are saying its likely they'll look at my age as a plus?  I know very little about the culture in law firms but my assumption would be that they favor younger applicants because they can focus on working 80 hour weeks without thinking about a wife and kids. 

Nerfco - same question, in your experience at law firms you've seen the firm look favorably upon older applicants?  Is it to meet a quota of non-traditional hires? 

hmm that was disappointing.

I recently turned 30 and I'm considering changing careers.  I've worked in advertising since graduating college and although it is an interesting field to be in it is personally unfulfilling. 

If I were to attend law school in Fall 2011 I'd finish by the time I'm 35.  I'll be competing with law school grads who are in their mid 20s.  How badly will my age affect my chances? Lets assume I graduate from a top 30 school in the top 10% of my class.

I know the type of law I choose to pursue will play a major factor.  Ideally I'd like to become an environmental lawyer, either at a non-profit such as the NRDC or at a large firm advising corporations on environmental law.  I'm open to other fields of law as well so if I have a better shot landing a job in another field please let me know.

Greatly appreciate any advice you can give, thank you. 

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