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Roger Williams / The WORST law school period!
« on: December 12, 2009, 07:33:37 PM »

Before you select a law school think carefully about job prospects.
RWU graduates are going to have a very hard time finding employment in the legal field; those that can pass the bar that is, the rest of them probably become paralegals or bus drivers or something they could have done without wasting six figures. There is a prevalent myth that "RWU grads hire RWU grads." Students at RWU chant this phrase like a mantra, perhaps if they say it enough it might become true; its little more than a security blanket. Basically this belief is apocryphal and its certainly not worth hanging your hopes of future employment on. The person with the job is never a corporeal entity, its always "this guy from last year." The fact of the matter is that although the reputation of RWU-trained attorneys is not quite as bad as the overall reputation of the school, that does not translate into employment after graduation. Employment in the legal field during law school summer breaks is essential to your future career. Most firms hire their first year associates from the ranks of their summer associates. You will have a very hard time securing summer employment when 10 students from first tier schools apply for every one summer position and you apply from RWU. The school is less than helpful when it comes to summer and post-graduation job placement. I have spoken to Judges who simply will not consider RWU students for Clerkships, I have also had first-hand discussions with employers regarding their lack of trust in the product from RWU. With 3 first tier schools nearby and a couple of 2nd tier schools its near impossible for a 4th tier RWU student to compete.
Perhaps "less than helpful" should be read "obstructionist." With the staggeringly low rate of summer job placements the dean of students took time out to specifically denigrate some of the agencies that extended a hand to RWU students. Thats a wonderful attitude; no one wants your students and your response is to insult the few that take a chance on them; that sort of thing only enhances the school's reputation for mediocrity. It's part of the reason that RWU students are forced to sneak into the career days at other law schools: RWU doesn't have their own and with the attitude of the administration it seems unlikely that employers will be beating down the doors to recruit.
Prospective students should also check out the average starting salaries for graduates. RWU graduates earn less than half of what graduates of more respected schools earn, and that's when they can even find work. Be wary of spending $50K every year when your hopes of paying it back are rather dim.
Like so many others have stated, this school is a scam!

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