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Hi Everyone,

My interest in the law is specifically in Estate Planning. I'm wondering whether it's important
to go to a top law school, given that my goal is to initially work for a small firm doing Estate
Planning, and then eventually go off on my own.

I'm sure it's always better to have a top school on your resume, but does anyone know of anyone
who went into Estate Planning right out of law school? Were they at the top of the class? Good

If I end up getting serious about this, I'll obviously try to get accepted to the best schools
possible. But as a career changer with a very specific goal that has nothing to do with corporate
law, I'd be happy to let all you young hot shots fight it out at all those super stressful schools,
for those big law positions.

At the same time, I don't want to put all that effort in and have a mediocre school on my resume,
if it's going to affect my chances of finding a job in Estate Planning. Does Anyone know what the
job outlook is for Estate Planning, and how much competition there is for the jobs?

One other question - does anyone know of any schools that have a strong concentration in Estate
Planning? I'm looking for schools in the New York area and in Phoenix.


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