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Current Law Students / FRCP 50 Question. Anyone up for it?
« on: April 18, 2011, 05:59:08 PM »
So, under 50(c)(1) it says that if a judge grants a renewed JMOL he must also decide on any motion for a new trial (the any previous reason standard) in case the JMOL is reversed at a later date.  It seems to me that a judge's standard for when to grant a new trial would be lower than granting a JMOL because he is giving a jury another crack at it rather than being so sure that a reasonable jury couldn't find for the party that he puts himself in the position of the jury.  So in practice, when a judge grants a renewed JMOL is there any reason that he would not also conditionally grant a new trial? 
Thanks for any help.

I'm Caucasian.  I'm a non-traditional student in that I'm 31, have an extensive work history in professional positions (I haven't been working at Wal-Mart in other words), and I am extremely involved in my community (on our Rotary Club board of directors, Jr. Chamber of Commerce, etc.).  I'll have a MPA in the spring (Public Administration) with a great GPA (3.8 or better).  I don't know if this stuff even matters but I'm throwing it out there.

Because of my wife's career, USC is really the only option.  Chas. School of Law is a possibility but not an attractive one.  What do you think?  Should I be concerned?  Go ahead, hurt my feelings.

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