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And what lazy, non-common sense thinking do you think Galt has engaged in? Everything he said made a lot of sense.

Your thinking seems to be the most hackneyed of anyone's on here.

1. By his own later admission, he took the reasons that people were making for what happened and decided to call them excuses. In doing so - by definition - he implied that people were implying that what happened was OK. that is what excuses do; they excuse. That seems, at least to the untrained ear, alarmingly insulting to those people's line of argument and to their motives.

2. The rest of it is as I have explained in my post on that subject.

I'd be interested in knowing what exactly it is that you agree with in his post. What is the line of reasoning that you discern? I should note that I am being temperate, believe it or not, in my critique of his post because I imagine that it was written quickly and without the level of attention that he might otherwise have out into it.

Nevertheless, I want to be clear that I am critiquing the post, not the person.

1. See this is why I don't respect what you say. I said, Other people give reason, but I classify them as excuses. I never said anything about other people on this thread saying that the actions were ok. You're intellectually dishonest and taking things out of the context in which they were said to fit your own narrow framework. I did imply that other people, namely, some people in those situations (and other apologists) use the victim mentality to excuse their own actions or the actions of their peers. I know this to be a fact because I grew up in that situation personally and from my own reseach that I won't get into here. But it is obvious that society (ie, the criminal justice system, public opinion, lawmakers, etc) don't buy that excuse. You still go to jail for robbery despite robin hood motives, etc. I think people would hardly dispute this. "The untrained ear." ARE YOU SERIOUS?

2. The rest of your post was elementary dribble. Its plainly obvious. I'd just like you to admit, that in this particular instance, when critiquing my post, you had no idea what you were talking about. Most people seem to think you are very intelligent and reasonable. That post was the sort of thing to undermine such a reputation.

3. I'm up for reasonable and honest critique. But for the love of me, I have yet to see a post by redemption that did not engage in some sort of offensive generalization or offensive assumptions. I mean for someone who is so bent on interpreting every word of my post, your posts are mirred in unsubstantiated claims, unreasonable logical jumps, and offensive generalizations all combined with the arrogance of someone who believes they have all the answers, but has yet to add something groundbreaking.

I don't want to nominate this post yet, but it is a likely contender for the "PWNAG3 of the day" award.


Not Really, we'd probably settle for white people to just stop screwing us over.

So much credit it's on a black card.

Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / Re: Stanford
« on: January 12, 2006, 02:57:51 PM »
I am really tired of the "will I go to Yale" schtick. A few weeks ago, each of you was willing to sacrifice a village of infants just to get a sniff of New Haven. Now that you are in, you are all pretending to be so torn, as if you haven't already renamed your puppy Eli. Of all of you in at Yale, I'd be surprised if more than two of you made alternate plans.

Go to New Haven. Enjoy it. You all deserve it.

Call me a skeptic, but does Cooley really get 5200 apps?

I don't find it hard to believe. They admitted half of the shallow applicant pool!!!111!

Black Law Students / Re: Black Law Student Discussion Board
« on: January 10, 2006, 10:44:26 AM »
The post wasn't about you.. .I can stand beside Lex and tell you that...however due to our character we will not 'BLAST' a person and put them out there like that... I think that they know who they are.. if they don't I'm sure one day they'll learn that lesson..

anyway but now that you mention it...

from your post it seems as though you made the members of this board your lab rats and you tried the various tactics that you learned in the military and other various experiences out on them/us..

for that I am disgusted....

if you aren't interested in friendships or using this board as a resource etc etc then what's the point?

aside from you honestly think that people here would want to work for you :o ?

secondly do you not understand how insulting it is for someone on a message board to post- You can work for me and I'll pay you more than any job that you'd ever be hired for?

it's insulting.. we all have the legal field and outside of it but the bottom line is we will achieve what we desire to achieve with or without you...and from where I am sitting I've done just fine without your assistance...

no one said that you are's not that deep..the point was that since you aren't up to your antics and haven't been posting your dissertations one's given it a second though...

You get hotter with each post. jsia.

Law School Admissions / Re: Ok raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaandom phone call just now
« on: December 15, 2005, 04:50:34 PM »
Me: Hello? (excited because of odd area code on my phone, hoping its an acceptance)

Her: Hello, this is such and such from Phoenix International School of Law. I wanted to call and follow up about the e-mail I sent you about our scholarship opportunity.

Me: Oh right. Lemme find that. (Mmmk, I'm sure I deleted that, but lemme just see.)

Her: Yeah, you have a great LSAT and GPA, so we think you would be a great fit here.

Me: Oh, that's so nice of you. (Who are you? Where did you say you're calling from? Arizona? Are you crazy?)

Her: Let me give you my personal line so I can answer any of your questions in the future.

Me: Thanks, I'll be sure to call with any I have. (Here's one... why the hell are you calling me from strange area codes when you must know full well that I'm praying for acceptance calls from top national schools? Jeez.)

I mean the call was really nice of her to make, but amid all the acceptance calls people have been getting lately, I have to say I was crushed when I found out who was calling.

Pwn3d by adcomms!!!

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