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No spoilers please.  I no longer have HBO and have to wait for DVD to catch up on Entourage.

J - let's go in on a cable bill!  I've gotta have Entourage back!

Why?  Someone here, if they were so inclined, could copy it and compress it for us :)  Oh, and Season 2 is on DVD now.  I lost cable in the middle of it, I can't wait to see what happened.

Entourage episodes are usually available for download for free a few hours after airing :)

The sames goes for any cable show worth watching :)

Not that I download any of them  ;D

General board for soon-to-be 1Ls / Re: Yale Law
« on: June 14, 2006, 08:35:43 AM »
I'm warning everyone now -- there will be days when I don't comb my hair.  :-\

My guess is that no one will care unless you are wearing a wrap. Please avoid the wrap in public.

Studying for the LSAT / Re: @#!*
« on: June 12, 2006, 08:24:08 PM »
Easy RC section.  Pacing myself nicely.  Got two to come back to, one that I haven't filled in.  Last passage is a beast, but that's okay.  I finish with almost two minutes to spare.  I bubble in... and realize I'm one short.

I scramble back to find out where the problem is.  I find the problem, but now I have to erase and rebubble.  I don't properly rebubble, AND I don't have time to go back and pick my favorite one of two answers to bubble in the one I'd left unbubbled way back at the start of the section.  As a result, I definitely have one wrong that could've been right, and possibly two more wrong that I'm pretty sure are right (depending on what the scantron machine wants to do).  This means, given my usual one or two stupid errors, I could have up to five wrong on the RC section, which I NEVER do worse than -3 on.


Handscoring may help with the two that "depend on what the scantron machine wants to do."

No... NYU and Columbia didn't take my ass.  I'm still rotting away on their waitlists.  I've had a pretty unfortunate application cycle (Harvard acceptance notwithstanding)... not sure why.  I applied early, worked hard on my apps...

Yeah, how could every law school in existence not be drooling over your 16X LSAT? So unfortunate and inexplicable that you would get dinged from schools when you can't even meet their medians.

Oh, that's right, you expected an undeserved handout and things didn't work out as you planned. I'm glad you're going to be miserable. Maybe instead of "working hard on your apps", you should have worked hard on being able to read paragraphs and answer questions about them correctly.

Come on RBG. You're not gone yet. Post something amusing.

I'm not here for your amusement!

Somebody's got a case of the Mondays

I'm about to die of boredom and RBG refuses to help  >:(

Oh, so I guess the rest of us are just stiffs, eh? Geezy is the only one with personality, eh?


hey Leo, I thought we could vote for more than one person (up to 2)?  It won't allow it.   ???



Okay, one more new thread and that's it, I promise. We'll definitely need someone else handling this next year. :D

Black folk....

I would sleep with Kirstey Alley, should I seek professional help?

More cushion for the pushin'. Ain't nothin' wrong with that  :D


I would sleep with Kirstey Alley, should I seek professional help?

I see GJ likes big girls  :D ;D

Not really. Actually, I find them sexually repulsive. I just saw Kirstey in a commercial and she was looking ok. I said to myself, for one reason or another, that I wouldn't mind putting it to her. I find this troubling. Is this an indicator of a serious psychological problem?

 :o Ouch.  She's actually not that big, didn't she lose a bunch of weight through Jenny Craig/Weight Watchers?  

Not an indicator of a psychological problem, but is an indicator that you still haven't met any "good" women in NY as yet.  Take a trip to Uniondale/Freeport or look around Hempstead!   ;D ;D :D

That's the thing, I don't find her sexually repulsive. She isn't as big as she used to be. I don't like big girls at all, though. I guess she has crossed my invisible threshold from untouchable to doable.

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