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It was meant as a compliment!! They were sad because you were gone!

I think everyone just missed you a lot so they went to bed.

I had one of those yesterday. Quite tasty. I've recently become a big fan of the lean pockets. Perhaps deep down I'm just trying to get back to living the broke-college-student lifestyle that I will soon find myself living after four long years.

Then again, those four years primarily saw me living the broke-low-income-guy lifestyle, so maybe it won't be such a change?

I hope Liz is safely making it back from The Bell. Sleep is nowhere in sight for me right now, and I was hoping to be entertained by this thread some more...

Sausage and Pepperoni... Lean Pocket, actually. Watching those calories, ya know?

I'm gonna do the wise thing and go with a hot pocket and stay off the roads.

When a girl has a craving for TBell... there's nothing you or I or anyone else can do to stop it.

How much sleep do you people tend to get a night? This place is always hoppin'.

For as long as we've been chatting back and forth with one another one thing struck me as odd.  I don't know what all of your sign names actually mean.  Let's tell one another shall we?

Paigeroo:  Origin- friends.  An obvious play on words. 

Ms. Pendens? know what my handle means....AND my real name.....sneaky girl.....

Ah yes!  The ever supportive UW alumni....  Jas  ;)

UW alumni is where it's at.

easily amused

At least after a day like today... yes... yes I am.

I'm being amused as well.

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