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Hey ya'll, I'm a confused chicken right now.

Having graduated with a Bachelors in 06, I consider myself non-trad. My Cum GPA was 3.36, while my major GPA was a 3.6. I've been working since, with a concentration in the non-profit industry. Recently, I've gained minor legal work experience through the HR dept. at a major corporation. I REALLY wanna get into a top 15 law school, and (assuming I get a solid LSAT score) have been debating if my credentials are good enough for acceptance to the most selective schools? I'm really scared, hence am debating if I should enroll in a paralegal certificate program, work for a yr as a legal assistance & network, and then apply to law school in order to heighten my chances of getting into the school of my choice.

Q: will the paralegal certificate/subsequent work experience heighten my application at all? Will the admissions officers really care? Or should I only worry about getting an awesome LSAT score?

Any thoughts would be apprecited. Thanks!

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