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I was looking at Nashville School of Law myself.  I am in Georgia and could easily pack it up and go to TN.  I have 18 years legal experience plus a Masters in Law & Public Policy.  Here was the problem... they require an LSAT score and use a formula to figure out if you can get it.  Based on the formula, I could not get in.  My undergrad GPA was 3.69, but my LSAT was way low which caused a problem.  I am like you... not sure I want to practice law since I will be almost 50 when I am done but I want to learn the law.  I need a school that is flexible and inexpensive.  You cannot get financial aid at Nashville. 

If you GPA and LSAT scores are high (they do not use Masters degree in deciding on admission) then go somewhere else.  I don't have a lot of options becasue of my LSAT score.  I am looking at Birmingham School of Law.  They have a night program or a weekend program.  I am going to look into their program.  No LSAT required if GPA over 2.75.  There is a chart you can get online that shows all 50 states (plus DC) and what their requirements are for taking the bar in their state if your JD is from a school that is not ABA approved. 

Minority and Non-Traditional Law Students / Birmingham School of Law
« on: November 05, 2010, 04:29:33 AM »
Hi.  Has anyone heard of or had any dealings with this law school?  They are in Alabama and offer a night program or a weekend program.  They do not require a LSAT score unless your GPA is 2.75 or lower.  I know these standards seem below par.  I am an older student not looking for the best program, just a program where I can still maintain my current life but adding law school to it.  Their website doesn't offer a lot of information except the basics. 

I took LSAT but it was low.  GPA 3.69 plus I have a Masters in Law & Public Policy.   I think with my 18 years in the legal profession and my grades, I will get in, I just want to see if anyone has had any experience with this school.

I am almost 45 and still thinking about it.  I have been in the legal profession 18 years.  I have an Associates Degree in Paralegal Studies, a Bacehlors in Business and a Masters in Law & Public Policy.  I took LSAT and did poorly but with my 3.69 GPA, I thought it would offset the low GPA.  I was wrong. I am in Georgia so I only had 2 choices for law school that offered a night program.  I was not accepted to either one. 

So, I stumbled across a state approved school in Birmingham, AL.  They have a night program and a weekend program.  Birmingham is 3 hours from me and it is feesible to go on the weekend.  They may not be the best law school in the world, but at my age, I am not looking to become a first year associate at a firm.  I am going for the education. 

Online Law Schools / Re: American Heritage University College of Law
« on: October 19, 2010, 06:30:43 PM »
I have an A.S. Degree in Paralegal Studies, A Bachelors Degree in Business and a I just completed a Master's Degree in Law & Public Policy.  The only reason I am looking at online law schools is that I am 44 years old so a traditional school won't work.... there are not many law schools in Georgia anyway.  With my GPA from the Bachelor's and the Master's, I can get into an Ivy League law school.  My LSAT score won't get me out of the gutter.  That is the problem. I considered taken the LSAT again since its been 5 years but I am not sure it is worth it. 

I tried Taft.  Hated it.  Did not like their program.  Looked at Northwestern.  Did not like their program either.  Considering American Heritage because they have online classes.  You have to attend class a few hours a week in live time.  California School of Law School seems to have the best program.  You actually have to go to school online twice a week.  But, they are not DETC approved so you can't get financial aid or defer the loans you already have.  American Heritage is affordable and you pay as you go.  If you don't like it, you only lose what you paid into it.  Taft took everything up front and totally screwed you when you dropped out. 

None of these online law schools have the proper credentials.  However, if you really want a law degree, go for the cheapest online law school.  I say this because any state bar association, for  now, will give you grief for having studied law online regardless of the online law school you studied at.  But,  many state bar associations will let you sit for their bar exams if you can prove you know just as much as, or even more, than a brick and mortar, ABA approved law school graduate. 

You have to keep in mind that you will have to know much, much more than the average brick and mortar law school graduate.  And, you have to establish a reputation for knowledge of the law.  While you are studying at any one of the online law schools,  it will be very helpful to you to publish articles online on various issues of the law; either in a legal repository website or in your own blog that you make public.

Right now I am studying for a paralegal certificate because I have several degrees from brick and mortar schools.  But, I am also working on a J.D. law degree online.  To date, I have only written two articles on legal issues. One was co-authored with another paralegal student from the same school.
I will publish more within the next three years. 

Keep me posted on what you decide to do.  We can help each other get through this.

Online Law Schools / Re: American Heritage University College of Law
« on: October 19, 2010, 06:19:57 PM »
I noticed on the Georgia State Bar that there is at least one online grad:
Mr. Michael Barry Sheehey
Company: Comcast
Address:9770 Foxworth Drive
Alpharetta, GA 30022
Work Phone: (215) 286-5790
Fax: (215) 286-5742
Admit Date: 12/12/2008
Law School: Concord Law School
Status: Active Member in Good Standing
Public Disciplinary History: None on Record

Member of the following sections:

    * Entertainment & Sports
Wow!!  I didn't know this guy could even sit for the bar here.  I wonder if he practiced in California for 5 years before he was admitted here.  I see he works for Comcast. 

There was a recent case where a lady graduated from Northwestern (another online school) but took her LLM at an ABA program.  She tried to get a waiver to sit for the Georgia Bar.  The Bar Examiner Committee asked her for specific information whether or not her online degree was just as good as an ABA degree.  She needed a letter from an ABA approved school to bring to the judge.  She did not get what he asked for so they did not let her sit for the Bar here.  She represented herself... that says something right there.

I just finished my Master's in Law & Public Policy and have an A.S in Paralegal Studies and a Bachelor's in Business.  I would love nothing more than to go to an ABA law school but while my GPA would get me into an Ivy league law school, the LSAT score won't even get me out of the  Plus, I am 44 years old with kids and a job.  A traditional school won't work.  Besides, I am too old to start as a first year associate somewhere.  I like the law which is what I want to study.  I am not sure I really, really want to practice law in the courts.  I just want to learn about it.

Just completed paralegal cert. school now want Law School except I am 62????  Should I?  There isn't much encouragement in my environment

Try getting a Master's Degree in Law and Public Policy.  I am 2 weeks away from getting that from Califonia University of Pennsylvania.  GREAT program!  its an acreddited school and all the classes are law related so you spend a lot of time research and writing.  If you do not like them, there are other schools that offer the same thing.   Or, you could get an executive JD.  You get the law but not the hassle of having to worry about sitting for bar.

Online Law Schools / American Heritage University College of Law
« on: October 07, 2010, 07:40:37 AM »
Has anyone dealt with this school?  They seem affordable and do pretty much what Taft, Abe and Concord do but at a much cheaper price tag.   I actually talked to the director and the admissions director and while they were nice, I wasn't sure about the school.  What you read and what they offer are 2 different things.  I tried Taft... they are a joke....


Online Law Schools / Re: 1 L starting school in July 2010
« on: August 19, 2010, 07:45:33 AM »
I started Taft last September.  It was a horrible experience. When you would turn in a case brief, the instructors response always sounded scripted.  I mean, I would get 3 out of 4 on the brief, but no specific reasons as to why.  3/4 sounds good but that is 75%. 

I also had issues when I withdrew and how much money I actually owed the school.  They called me to say that I owed $700+ dollars for tuition (I had federal aid) but then turn around and send me a bill for $1595!!  I called for an explanation and the financial aid gal (after much prodding) finally sent me the papers on how they came up with that number.  I wasn't enrolled more than 6 weeks, but ended up paying a lot to withdrawal.

I am going to look at Northwestern as now they have "real time" videoconferencing which was not an options a few years ago.  I am also looking at American Heritage.  Real time chats and video conferencing is going to make the difference in understanding the material.  I am not sure Taft has that now, but if they do, then more power to them.  It is just not worth their high tuition to get the same thing you can get for much less at Northwestern or American Heritage. 

I will be done with my Master's Degree in Law & Public Policy in October.  I should have finished that before trying Taft. 

« on: November 05, 2009, 05:55:56 PM »
Hi.  I started Taft law school in September.  Unfortunately, I did not care for their system of teaching.  Anyway, I have the entire book list that I no longer need.  Some of the books may be an older edition of what they require, but it doesn't matter because you can get the cases off lexisNexis.

So... why pay the $2100 (if you use their distributer when you can get them here. 

I will charge $800 and that will include shipping.  These books are HEAVY!!!  I may have to ship them out in separate boxes and will ship them the cheapest way possible. 

If interested, just reply to this posting.

Online Law Schools / Re: Looking for used law books
« on: August 13, 2009, 07:52:58 PM »
Hey!  I am starting Taft in September.  I bought all my books off or Amazon.  On a couple of them, I bought an older edition.  Nothing in the law changes that much and if there is a newer case to read that is not in the older edition, I can get it off Lexis/Nexis.  Anyway, I spent $160 for all my books.    Heck, I bought the Torts Hornbook with pocket part on ebay for $20.00!  Got Gilbert Summaries for Contracts for $5.00.

Now, the new book list they gave me with the enrollment materials has 2 newer editions of books but the list they gave me last month had the older editions.  I am not buyer the newer editions. 

Just keep hunting on half and amazon.  There are some great deals out there on students wanting to get rid of their books,

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