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Okay...  seriously... does this school think it is the cream of the crop or what??  Here is my denial letter:

It is with regret that we inform you, after full and careful consideration, the Admissions Committee is unable to grant you
admission to St. Francis School of Law.

We appreciate the care that went into your application and want to assure you that your candidacy received thorough and
serious consideration. All applications receive an exhaustive review process, and as such, all decisions are final. We are
unable to consider appeals of any kind, though we encourage you to reapply in upcoming semesters.

Although there is no way to lessen the disappointment, know that this was a difficult decision for the Admissions
Committee to make. The majority of our applicants have demonstrated strong preparation for law school and the ability
to contribute significantly to the quality of our student body. As a result, we must select for admission those whom we
believe are the very best of an outstanding applicant pool and deny admission to many.

Denials of admission are neither negative estimates of your potential for the study of law nor indications of deficiencies or
weaknesses in your application. Rather they are the inevitable result of many attractive candidates for a rigorous
academic program.

Thank you for your interest in St. Francis School of Law and best wishes for your education and career plans.

For an online law school that has no statistics and has been around a year or so, they sure feel confident that they are better than the others.  My background includes 3 degrees and 20 years of legal experience.  I really got a bad taste for them when I had the "interview."  It was more like a job interview than an enrollment interview.  I probably didn't say the right thing but I was honest about the purpose of studying law and it was NOT to be a lawyer. 

Geez.... to get turned down by a fly by night online school has got to be the lowest of the   Oh well..

There is a way you can see the attorneys who are licensed in Georgia, where they went to school and where they work.  I was surprised to see a grauate of Concord working for Comcast.  I wonder how he did that since I assume he had to take the bar here and GA requires gradution from an ABA school.

There was a case out of here of a woman who petitioned the court to take the bar.  She graduted from Nprthwestern in California which is correspondene.  She represented herself. needless to say, she did not follow the judge's instructions and therefore her case was throw out.  That, in and of itself says something about her legal eduction.

Good article.  A law education is not what it used to be.  It used to be for kids of lawyers who grew up privileged.  Remember L.A. Law?  That show alone increased the law school population.  The dream of the money and the prestige that comes with the law degree are gone. 

If you have never worked in a law firm, then you have no clue what an attorney, especially the low-level ones have to go through.  I worked for attorneys for 20 years.  I worked in big firms, small firms and in house corporate law departments.  Their job is stressful.  I remember when the associate I worked for made partner.  The firm sent her a letter stating out her salary and the changes of what becoming a parter does.  Her salary was going to be $108,000.  This was in 1996.  However, now she was on her own for medical insurance and was required to bring in business.  She was thin and frail and barely every ate. 

Distance learning law schools have a place.  I finished my Bachelors online through Southern New Hampshire University and got my Masters in Law & Public Policy from California University of Pennsylvania.  So?  Just because I didn't set foot onto the campus, I received a great education and even attended my graduation ceremonies.  There is no reason a person who receives a law degree from an online law school is less qualified to be a lawyer.   The ABA is just too high on its horse and like I said, approving online law schools is going to take away that prestige of becoming a lawyer.

Make the requirements for online law schools the same as B&M schools.  I took the LSAT.  I didn't do great so I would not use that as the only indcator of how a person would do in law school.  I can write a fabulous brief or legal memo.  Take the whole picture... LSAT, undergrad degree, GPA, if there is any more schooling past the Bachelors, etc.

There is a state run law school in Birmingham, AL.  I was accepted there.  No LSAT required but it is a B&M school so it holds more prestige than the online school, but in the end, you can only take the bar in Alabama and probably California.  They also accept students who have gone to online law school.  My thinking was maybe taking my first year of law school online and then transfer there.  That avoids the baby bar.  I live in Georgia now.  I didn't go last Sept. because once I made the drive from Atlanta to Birmingham, I realized that doing that every Saturday was going to be tough.   I postponed it for now. 

 The school in Birmingham is only $5500 a year.  There is also a state school in Nashville, TN.  They have extremely strict requirements and the cost is close to $30k a year.  BUT IT IS A STATE SCHOOL. YOU CAN ONLY TAKE BAR IN TN.  So again, what is the point?  Might as well go online and enjoy the convenience of staying home.

what I found interesting with St. Francis is that they are attempting to be "selective" on who they accept so as to give the school a better reputation.  they don't want to take just anyone,  I had my interview and it sounded more like a job interview than an enrollment interview.  "where have I demonstrated leadership abilities?" "what are my goals, etc." 

I am 46 years old.  I am not studying the law for a career as an attorney.  My legal career is winding down.  I am interested in the law just because.  I told St. Francus that.

After the interview I wanted to ask why the scrutiny since they are an online law school but I dudn't.  they have 13 students right now.  I thought it was also odd there was a wait list.   Maybe that is just a kind way to say no thanks but why would it matter if St. Francis takes you?  There are othe online law school you can go to.

Hi!  Did you have the phone interview and then wait listed?  I applied as well and have phone interview Tuesday.  I am 46 and just want to learn the law.  I have 20 years legal experience plus 3 college degrees.  I really can't imagine they are that picky but maybe they want to be so they can earn a better reputation than some of the other online law schools. 

if St. Francis doesn't pan out, try California School of Law.  their program seems pretty good. 

Distance Education Law Schools / Re: Taft or Concord Law School
« on: April 18, 2012, 07:58:29 PM »
Hi.  Taft has an online interview.  However, I do not think they turn anyone away.  The biggest reqirement to get into law school is the LSAT.  That is not required at Taft so as long as you have the credentials they want, they will take you.   I attended Taft in 2008, I think. 

Distance Education Law Schools / Re: Taft or Concord Law School
« on: April 16, 2012, 09:08:46 PM »
Hi.  I attempted Taft.  I lasted 6 weeks.  I am 46.  I am not looking at law school as a career but rather just to learn the law.

I did not feel the instructors at Taft gave criticism specifically to my work.  For example, I would brief a case and get 3/4.  Well, that is 75%.  I would ask what I did wrong or where I could improve, and the response was "canned.". The response did not say anything specific related to my work, but rather the response would work for anyone's work.

I think a better choice might be California School of Law because you have to attend class online 2 nights a week.  There is also the new St. Francis School of Law.  Concord is expensive and you get the same online law degree that you would get from any online law school.  If you want to go the cheap route, try Northwestern California School of Law.  Cheap and you get the exact same recognition as you would going to Taft or Concored for 1/4 the cost.

Good luck!

Non-Traditional Students / Re: Birmingham School of Law
« on: April 01, 2012, 08:33:35 PM »
Hi.  I live in Georgia and was accepted to BSOL for fall 2011.  However, I made a test run to Birmingham from Atlanta and with all the road construction just over the state line, it took forever to get there.  So my plan for the weekend program crumbled.  I will wait until my son is off to college in a couple years (he is hoping for Auburn) then I might make move to AL and go to school there.  nice to have an option like that.  I wish Georgia had one. 

Taft is horrible.  I responded to another one of your posts.  Their instruction is not geared toward you personally.  I only lasted 6 weeks as I found the school to be subpar.  When I would get a 3/4 on a brief,  I would ask where did I go wrong.  I got a canned response not geared toward me but rather a response that could be geared toward anyone.

I would not go to Concord because of cost.  You might want to look at California School of Law or St. Francis School of Law.  Both require online class attendance at least 2 days a week.  St. Francis is new and their instruction seems different than the rest. 

Don't go to Taft.  I tried them.  They were not my first choice, but because they offered federal financial aid, I chose them.  Dont' get me wrong, they have been around a long time but the instruction is terrible.

When I attended a couple of years ago, I had 18 years legal experience under my belt. 

You will brief a lot of cases.  I would get 3/4 on most of them.  That is a 75%.  When I would ask where I went wrong as I felt a 75% was not great, I would get a canned response that was geared toward anyone and not me personally.  I dropped after 6 weeks.

I would look at California School of Law or maybe the new one St. Francis as they require online class attendance 2-3 times a week.  St. Francis has a different method of teaching. 

I am contemplating either one of these schools.  I will take 1 year online and then transfer to Birmingham School of Law in Alabama.  I live in Georgia and this is the only school close by that will accept online credits.  They are a state approved school and not an ABA approved school.  I am almost 46.  A law career is not what I seek but a decent legal education.  I do not think Taft will provide that.

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