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The general proviso written into most bar admission rules is that correspondence school graduates and presumably DL grads cannot qualify under most exceptions that might be available to non ABA grads in general.

Barkley had a real school with real law professors and classes and seems to have intended to get ABA accreditation.

The Barkley degrees are real enough - they just are not accredited.

A diploma mill awards a degree for little or no work so that the purchaser can claim they have a degree.

Great job on the research!

As to your legality question, since Barkley was not representing itself as something it was not (ABA approved) then I do not see how Kentucky could stop it from setting up shop unless it was making material misrepresentations.  There have been several lawsuits and at least one pending one by a former student pro se who claims Barkley was a RICO enterprise and engaged in loan fraud of some sort.

Novus on the other hand, may cross the line into diploma mill territory which can be illegal.

Assuming one passes the California Bar with a DL degree, where can one get admitted excluding Federal Courts and Tribunals based just on one's California bar license.

I would also exclude petitioning as in the case of Massachusetts, New Mexico, and Idaho as that is based on a number of factors besides being a member of the California bar such as residency and individual circumstances. As well as exclude restricted admissions such as corporate attorney and pro hac vice.

1.  Motion in DC after 5 years post qualification experience (PQE)
2.  Take the QLTS exam for England & Wales to become as solicitor after 2 years PQE
3.  Take the Irish QLTT to become a solcitior after one year PQE.
4.  Motion in Iowa after ten years PQE.

Note the ABA chart is often wrong or gives the impression that very limited exceptions apply generally.

Can anyone add non federal and non petition jurisdictions to this list?

I will wait for you tell me what I already know - Kentucky does not accredit law schools. If Barkley had obtained ABA approval, Barkley's students could have taken the KY bar.

By the way don't call the state bar, it is the KYBOA you want, here's the numbers:

LL - what do you think the equivalent of a ABA JD degree is - it is a LLB or LLM from an an accredited school.  There is no state accreditation scheme in Kentucky. LLBs are no longer awarded in the US but might have been when the rule was originally promulgated. From the point of most state bars non ABA degrees are of so little consequence they are a mere after thought in the rules.

So does anyone have any constructive advice or just more rank speculation?  I stand by the suggestion, they should look into getting the 26 ABA credits and take the DC bar. No one is going to honor a non ABA degree from Kentucky when Kentucky does not recognize the degree.

No I am correct and you cannot read or apply statutes.

"1) Every applicant for admission to the Kentucky Bar must have completed degree requirements for a J.D. or equivalent professional degree from a law school approved by the American Bar Association or by the Association of American Law Schools.

AAL Schools is this list, I think they are also all ABA accredited:

An equivalent professional degree from an ABA or AALS university would be what - maybe a LLM in comparative common law for foreign law degree holder.

As for other states, we were talking about Kentucky not Massachusetts, Tennessee, Alabama, or California which do have their own acceditation schemes. Do not assume because one state recognizes their own schools that others do.

Actually I think these posts are a form of spam by Novus - it operates under the theory that any mention, even  key words "Novus" and "scam" help improve the search engine ranking.  I won a case against an Internet scammer who used the tag - "John  Doe (not the real name) is a scam" as a way to attract hits, he would then attempt to convert those hits to sales and often did.

Expect to pay quite a bit for your shiny diploma mill JD considering it is recognized by no one as a JD. I am sure your prospective employer will be impressed with your ingenuity however.

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