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According to the ABA Chart - graduates of unapproved (non DL) law schools (not state of ABA approved) may be eligible to take the bar in:

DC: Graduates of non-ABA-approved law
schools can write the exam if they have successfully
completed at least 26 semester hours in subjects
tested on the DC bar exam from an ABA-approved
law school.

Looks like possibly also Guam but I have no further details on that.

You would need to follow up with the Bar examiners in each jurisdiction for the details and ins and outs.

Distance Education Law Schools / Re: Non-Bar Law Degree
« on: January 07, 2012, 08:34:52 AM »
I agree in California, the law school won't make any difference if you have a post bar exam plan.  Real clients could care less about the attorney's education, they only want the job done economically.

Usually to do this, you have to study under an attorney or judge for a few years.

Actually never seen anyone get a license this way, who would want to be a slave to a judge or a lawyer for years, yuck!

Petitioning is the way to go, the Bar Examiners are usually unhelpful.

Barkley closed in 2008.  Do you have a diploma? 

If so, I may have solution for you.

Look at the stats 47% of lawyers in private practice in California are solo, down from 54% a few  years back. I suspect another 25% in private practice are small firms, 2-5 lawyers. So unless you are going to work for the government, chances are you will be in the above categories.  Why not hang out a shingle?  You will be no less incompetent than most attorneys. As for your cohort in law school, they are typical scared of their own shadow type, don't want to mingle with indigents, would be lawyers who would faint dead away if they had to come face to face with a real client like a crank head, child molestor, SSI applicant, or angry divorced parent.

But you can be proactive:

All law schools offer some sort of practical experience - better sign up for it and attend courts in your spare time. You'll learn more about law hanging around the court house than from some pendantic so called law professor, who has the same JD you will you have. Also memorize Black's Law Dictionary, especially archaic Latin phrases and read everything by or about Gerry Spence, Louis Nizer, F. Lee Bailey and Melvin Belli. Also when you start practicing buy a largest ostentious fake gold plated Rolex, it instills confidence in clients no matter how inexperienced and pathetic you may look.

This is really a foolish line of discussion in a DL forum, if you have a DL degree you are not going to work for anyone unless it's your father in law. It's a given you are going to go solo like 47% of attorneys in California.

However, several states HAVE set the appropriate standard that matters YOUR ABILITY TO APPLY THE LAW

There are a lot of lame attorney out there, 99% from ABA schools. Neither quality of schools nor passing the bar really guarantees much. Law naturally attracts a lot of sociopaths. It is sort of like the Catholic priesthood.  The best way to weed these baddies out would be to make all lawyers take a two year apprenticeship after law school in which they had to do public service work. Passing the bar is only an indicator that someone can pass an exam.

This has been a problem however for Centuries:


When grappled in the law's embrace,
Who first betrayed an anxious face
And fain would shield me from disgrace
My Lawyer.

Who told me I should not confess,
That he would all wrong's redress
And set me free from all distress?
My Lawyer.

When, sick in jail, I senseless lay,
Who took my watch and case away
Lest prowling thieves on me should prey
My Lawyer.

Who to my wealth tenacious clung,
And for me wagged his oily tongue,
And at my foes hot embers flung
My Lawyer.

Who told me he was dreadful smart
And knew the law-books all by heart.
And always took his client's part?
My Lawyer.

Who, in the court, with peerless pride,
My rights affirmed, my guilt denied.
And swore the State's attorney lied?
My Lawyer.

And when twelve men, in one compound,
For me a guilty verdict found,
Who came to stanch the bleeding wound
My Lawyer.

Who said my time within the wall
Would be exceeding- brief and small,
The minimum, or none at all?
My Lawyer.

And when the judge my doom proclaimed,
And three long years of exile named,
Who looked indignant and ashamed?
My Lawyer,

When, at the sheriff's stern command,
I for the train was told to stand,
Who longest shook and squeezed my hand ?
My Lawyer.

Who, when he had me safe confined,
No more concerned his crafty mind,
Nor was, for me, to grief inclined?
My Lawyer.

Who closed the mortgage on my lot,
And drove my family from my cot,
And left them homeless on the spot ?
My Lawyer.

Who, when of prison clothes I 'm stripped,
And from these walls am homeward shipped,
Will get himself immensely whipped ?
My Lawyer.

[Written by Mr. George Gilbert, who died on the 9th of June
A. D. 1890.]

If you can't defend your position against your classmates, in a classroom, what hope do you have in a courtroom.

A real good one because you are not cut from the mold as ABA clone.

I was being appointed to felony cases as a PD within 6 months of passing the bar with my Taft JD.  On my first criminal case, I skunked the DA with a motion to dismiss for lack of venue and won at the preliminary hearing.  For my first five years of practice I was present at the county law and motion calender every week handling criminal cases, family law, civil litigation and juvenile cases. I didn't need any classmates in classroom, I learned from my colleagues who actually knew a thing or two about the law. My clients were all pleased because I took the time to listen to them, no matter their social or economic status. I took the cases no one else would touch. Last week I won the first round of a case at the African Commission in Banjul, The Gambia.  I may not be rich but my cases are reported by the AP, Reuters, Bloomberg, etc.

So it can be done, don't listen to naysayers like Zepp. Zepp is the face of the type of law you are unlikely to practice as a DL graduate. If you beat the odds and pass the California Bar, give something back to society, don't squander your talents trying to be like the ABA law school grad.

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