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Online Law Schools / Re: NOVUS LAW SCHOOL?
« on: October 25, 2015, 08:02:07 PM »
Problem here is with lazy incompetent state bar regulators who actually do have standing to go after scammers like Novus.  Likewise, you'd think the ABA might be interested.  Not a chance because there is no money in it for them.  And really except for the equally incompetent and greedy law schools who admit anyone with a "foreign law degree" and the tuition money there wouldn't be a problem.  A Novus grad shouldn't be able to fool anyone; it takes about all of five minutes on Google to figure out there are no law schools in the Marshall islands and all Marshall Islands attorneys studied at ABA law schools.

Don't dis Fleming, without Fleming I wouldn't have passed the bar most likely.

Online Law Schools / Re: taft law school
« on: August 16, 2015, 06:58:55 AM »
I would say DL learners are well suited to be solos since they have essentially taught themselves the law and therefore already have the basic qualities a solo needs which is self reliance and focus.  ABA learners are spoon fed by the law schools by comparison. You know what correspondence law consists of - reading Gilbert's outlines or whatever the online version is these days.  Concord if it is like its parent KU, might even have live lectures online.  Additionally, most successful DL students already have careers or are ex military or law enforcement and have networks and have been around the courts.  So I agree most 24 year olds wouldn't be capable of  going solo due to lack of life experience but that is not the DL demographic IMO.

Online Law Schools / Re: taft law school
« on: August 15, 2015, 07:30:57 PM »
"But saying that all is left to eat is your own poop doesn't make doing it a good idea."

I don't understand the attitude, what is wrong with being a solo practitioner?  About 40-50% of lawyers in private practice are solo, get a grip.

Online Law Schools / Re: taft law school
« on: August 15, 2015, 09:05:21 AM »
You are missing the point, a DL law school grad who has passed the bar realistically has no choice but to go solo if they want to actually practice because no one will hire them.  If you have a law license you can practice law as a solo or any other lawful way.  And if someone has managed to basically teach themselves law and pass the bar, they should be able to figure out how to defend misdemeanors or handle a disability claim.  After a year, no reason why they can't do jury trials if they have had some contested hearings and watched a few jury trials. It is not as complicated as it sounds.  A lot of attorneys just plain get tired and never want to try anything new because it's "too complex."  I say law is law and if you have a license you can argue to the USSC if they will let you in the door.  I've filed some Writs of Certiorari with SCOTUS but am still waiting to get that call.
That Taft degree has served me well and will continue to do so.

Online Law Schools / Re: taft law school
« on: August 15, 2015, 06:45:55 AM »
"its the lack of Taft affiliation that I call BS on. "

I told you I am an alumni of Taft.  So correspondence law (Taft is technically a correspondence law school) worked for me.  I am also on the faculty of two regionally accredited universities in the their graduate programs where I instruct online public administration and international law.  And yes I have the appropriate credentials to teach graduate courses.  So you could say I am a proponent of distance learning, especially in law where I think it is proven it works in a fashion given sub-par students and if ABA accredited would work a lot better.  But I am not a shill for Taft and would have said so if I was.

Online Law Schools / Re: taft law school
« on: August 14, 2015, 12:11:50 PM »
"I find it hard to believe there's a town so small it doesn't have enough lawyers yet it also somehow has enough folks to provide a steady stream of SSI cases (before boomers got old), civil rights cases and court appointed referrals for a newly minted lawyer to make $100k. It literally and figuratively doesn't add up. This kind of "advice" is dangerous given how relatively little prospective law school applicants know."

Not advice.  Just what worked for me for a while.  Of course as Citylaw might tell you, small California counties notoriously also have their dangers.  In 5 years I was there, I got punched by an opposing party, spat on, had a  confused client show up with a rifle at the front door on a weekend, got accused falsely of several felonies, received numerous threats and was finally warned to get out of town.  Myself and a lot of attorneys there either had conceal carry, kept a loaded gun in the desk or just plain out in the open.  As they used to say, there is no law north of  the _______ river.

Online Law Schools / Re: taft law school
« on: August 14, 2015, 11:36:13 AM »
OK Loki, now let's get back to helping people on Avvo.

   "I don't mean sell it. I mean have an income from it. This kind is called the Lucky Cat. Its owner finds four silver groschen in his pocket every morning."

Online Law Schools / Re: taft law school
« on: August 14, 2015, 10:53:32 AM »
First full year in practice (1993) I netted over 100K and had to pay about 50K in taxes and penalties which taught me a lesson that hard work does not necessarily get rewarded.  FYI, the first six months (1992), I lost money while I waited for payments to come through.  But 100K pretax was not big money in 1993 and even less so now.  Solos also don't have benefits and have to pay self employment tax.  So why on earth are you implying me a liar and/or senile? Also, there is more to be a lawyer than just arguing.   Point is, a DL grad can be successful and make a living but most likely as a solo.

Online Law Schools / Re: taft law school
« on: August 14, 2015, 10:36:23 AM »
There's no way you'd get more than $4000 approved in fee agreements, especially if the cases were as little work as you claim. Furthermore, the fee agreements would have to be approved by a U.S. ALJ, a fact you failed to mention and your post suggests you were not aware.

Finally, I'm not sure who the barb about getting a license to practice is aimed at, but everyone here has held themselves out to be a licensed attorney.

I am sure you are right, 4K seems OK for a SSD case to me but I really haven't done any for a long time.  But these are great cases for a beginner, attorneys turn their noses up at them and the clients really do need help.  I always went the extra mile too and helped my clients get aid while they sweated out the long wait for a reconsideration or hearing.

No offense intended GH but I would not assume everyone here is an attorney otherwise they would know new lawyers don't know crap and need to get smart real fast about how to practice by attending court and hitting the practice books.

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