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They want to escape the FYLSE because they have no hope of passing it apprently.

Distance Education Law Schools / Re: Mid-Atlantic School of Law
« on: January 15, 2013, 10:24:28 PM »

MASL and NOVUS are not just unaccredited, they are not actually "law schools." Unaccredited law schools registered with the Cal Bar are the only ones from which can qualify a student for the FYLSE. MASL and NOVUS cannot qualify for registration because they do not even meet the minimum standards for registration which are actually quite lengthy.

However anyone who cannot discern that MASL is a crock from their website which lacks even a physical address; is not likely to pass the FYLSE in any event.

If you do not pass the FYLSE, you do not need to worry about any 2L.

Distance Education Law Schools / Re: Mid-Atlantic School of Law
« on: January 15, 2013, 01:40:31 PM »
MASL and NOVUS are not accredited law schools, there are no lawyers or bars associated with these operations.  You cannot take a bar, you cannot become a lawyer anywhere with their degrees and your credits are worthless.  To qualify for the FYSLE is quite simple enroll at an online law school registered with the California State Bar.  if I started a law school in my garage today, it would have more credibility than MASL and NOVUS because at least I have a law license (though wouldn't have one for long if the cal bar got wind I was passing out phony diplomas).

Distance Education Law Schools / Re: Mid-Atlantic School of Law
« on: January 14, 2013, 11:28:29 PM »
Madness!  MASL is not associated with any attorneys, law professors, or anyone vaguely connected with practising law or passing bar exams.  if you want to read outlines, buy them and read them, you do not need to enrich anyone  else in order to read a book.  If you want a bogus law degree you don't need MASL, instead go make one up in a word processing program, print it out and award it to yourself.

Non-Traditional Students / Re: Looking for some advice....
« on: January 14, 2013, 08:24:00 PM »
I'd question whether anyone with just two years of undergrad work could pass the cal bar unless they were a genius.  Your typical community college grad is going to have trouble stringing together enough coherent words to pass the bar. I am not dissing community college but in many cases it is simply a rehash of High School courses.

State Bars will be most unhelpful; they have zero interest in admitting more attorneys or being more inclusive.

Someone who is investing three years in a FYLSE work around should get the scheme okayed in writing.   And you are right I am an authority by virtue of being admitted to California bar via the correspondent route, practising 20 years and then being admitted to numerous other jurisdictions including England.  However, I do apologize if I am annoying you; I am really genuinely interested  if the California Bar Examiners would really OK an obvious dodge around their rules on online schools. Logically, it makes no sense to me that a foreign online law school grad with an online US LLM who has not qualified as a lawyer anywhere would be eligible to sit the Cal Bar without the FYLSE.  Why would the English online LLB be superior to a California online JD?  In fact, it would be inferior because much of English law is inapplicable in California.  The equation does not add up in my opinion and if true exposes the California Bar Examiners to a well deserved lawsuit for discriminating against their own California online students.


1.  Tell me how can a phone call be binding on the Bar Examiners? There is no one person who makes up the rules.  I would not stake my career on what someone told me on the phone when there is a way to get it in writing. 

2.  You don't answer the question - the someone who graduated with a LLM did they have an online LLB without first qualifying in England?

You are making a lot of assumptions.  While you may well be right, I sure would not want to get an online foreign LLB and online LLM only to get into a hassle with the bar examiners because of what I was told on the phone years earlier.

Get it in writing dude, your phone call won't be worth anyhting if there is a problem later.

The ABA's solution I am afraid would be to lobby the state bar's to close down the non ABA online schools. The ABA is a monopoly like organization akin to the AMA. The ABA still can't get its act together on multi state practice and the internet; no reason to expect they can tackle online law schools.

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