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Assuming one passes the California Bar with a DL degree, where can one get admitted excluding Federal Courts and Tribunals based just on one's California bar license.

I would also exclude petitioning as in the case of Massachusetts, New Mexico, and Idaho as that is based on a number of factors besides being a member of the California bar such as residency and individual circumstances. As well as exclude restricted admissions such as corporate attorney and pro hac vice.

1.  Motion in DC after 5 years post qualification experience (PQE)
2.  Take the QLTS exam for England & Wales to become as solicitor after 2 years PQE
3.  Take the Irish QLTT to become a solcitior after one year PQE.
4.  Motion in Iowa after ten years PQE.

Note the ABA chart is often wrong or gives the impression that very limited exceptions apply generally.

Can anyone add non federal and non petition jurisdictions to this list?

Job Search / Back to the Future
« on: December 11, 2011, 09:29:07 AM »
Intuit is hiring experienced attorney tax advisors:

Looks good huh?  Intuit  is paying a paltry $16-$18 an hour and you have to work a straight 8 hour shift from home like you are in a cubicle. Twenty years ago when I got my law license with a non ABA degree and no one would hire me, I got the lowest lawyer job possible, representing lifer inmates at a maximum secuirty prison at their parole hearings. The California Parole Board paid $23 and hour, the other lawyers thought I was crazy but I needed the work.

Intuit would not offer that salary unless there were takers....

L.L.M. Board / LLD
« on: November 13, 2011, 08:47:59 AM »
I am starting an external LLD program at UNISA (University of South Africa), does anyone have experience with UNISA or Leiden?

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