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« on: July 15, 2009, 11:46:24 PM »
Before I get to my question heres a few facts.
Graduated highschool in 2001
Enlisted in AirFore 2003
Seperated from AirForce March 2009
Fall Semester begins Aug 2009
I'm a sophomore in college
Ive tentatively decided to major in criminal justice
Full time job in medical field as a Sleep Lab Technologists
Goals- Lawyer of some sort (undecided), hence the reason Im here.

  I called my mom after i finished registering for my courses this upcoming semseter only because the Steve Harvey Morning show had just cut for a commercial break, and I still had about 3mL of excitement running through my veins. Only to hear this, "Why did you change your major, You know Thelma majored in Criminal Justice and now shes a probation officer and i know you dont wanna be no dag on probation officer, dont you think you should major in something else just in case the lawyer thing dont work out like you planned... let me call you back the movers just got here...and Cocoa, answer the phone."

  So while im driving home I begin thinking that maybe my mom has a point. Originally i was going to major in Poli Sci but quickly changed it when i realized it was an Ambien waiting to happen. So now im stuck. I chose criminal justice becasue it seemed more interesting, something i wouldnt mind attending after long nights at work. Now i dont know what to do. The only other thing I'm intersted in as far as majors go is English (but it'll take me longer to finish undergrad). Im stuck in a rut. It seems as though any major that is not a specialty  (I.E. nursing) is kind of setting you up for the "if all else fails I'll just be a teacher". So my questions are:
1. What is a good major that'll prep you for law school but give you great avenues outside of law school?
2. What did you all major in?? Do you regret it? If so what would you have majored in?

I just want some insight, i know at the end of the day I should do something I enjoy, but after reading a few of these posts my cofidence kind of dropped.


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