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FWIW, my UG degree was in 1990, but I just finished a Masters, so that's where my prof pool is.

If I didn't have that to draw on, I'd look to managers or direct supervisors from your job who can attest to my analytical and problem-solving skills, etc. I think that's your best bet. If you actually work with lawyers, they might not be a bad choice if they can honestly address your qualifications to succeed in law school.

I agree w/the statement about GPA/LSAT being far more important. Do everything you can to rock that exam.

Hope that helps, good luck!

Hello all,

I'm in somewhat the same boat, but a bit further down the river, as CallerID.

By the time I start, I'll be 50. When I took the LSAT in 1993 I scored 165, but in my undergrad days I majored in Journalism, hockey and coeds, not necessarily in that order, and had the GPA to prove it. That was my undoing, as I was accepted to the T3 & 4 schools, but no scholly offers. Finances and other circumstances prevented me from going.

Now, I've been a software engineer for over a decade, got a 3.78 GPA in a MS Finance program, BUT AC's still have to look at UG GPA. Not only were my last UG grades earned during the freaking Carter administration, I CLEP-ed and GRE-d my way to my BS (Poli Sci) while I was in the Navy, so my UG GPA is basically meaningless.

Anybody have much idea, assuming I can score as well or better on the LSAT this time, how much weight an AC will put on my Grad GPA, considering it's probably a much better indicator of my chances for scholastic success than grades from 30 years ago?

Also, what chance would I have at getting some sort of scholly with a LSAT in the 170 ballpark? (I got the 165 basically cold, from reading a Princeton Review study manual in my spare time on a submarine, then took the exam when we got back to port, so I don't think it's farfetched to consider a score like that.)

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