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Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Strange LSAT story, t14 school?
« on: July 10, 2009, 09:14:04 AM »
Do not go to law school just b/c you think you can do well on the real test.

Do not go to law school b/c you can't think of anything else to do besides the Phil Phd.

Do not go to law school just b/c you think it's a way to get a big $$$.

Right now there are major changes taking place in hiring b/c of the economy. A lot of people at t14 schools who would've got six figure jobs in a good economy are simply not going to get them anymore, and things might not improve by the time you go through recruiting.

The law was my second career choice, so I have a lot of interest.  My wife is going to law school, and we can attend a similar program and go together.  My LSAT scores can get me into a much better law school than philosophy program.  The philosophy job market is unquestionably much worse than the law market. 

Not to mention, making a lot of money is very low on my reasons for going to law school.

Now, back to the original post, perhaps?

Choosing the Right Law School / Strange LSAT story, t14 school?
« on: July 10, 2009, 05:18:01 AM »
My numbers, as you can see, are a 3.79 g.p.a and a 168 LSAT score.  However, that score was on a Kaplan practice test. 

I have been planning on getting a doctorate in philosophy, and hadn't given law school any thought.  However, my wife (who is going to law school) had to take a practice test on her birthday.  I didn't want her to take it alone, and was curious to find out what all the buzz was about, so I went and took the test.  I didn't study at all, and didn't even know what was on the test.  I didn't know you could write in the book on the logic games either.  I got a 168, despite only getting 54% of the logic games questions right.  This is due, obviously, to by lack of knowledge of how to take the test in large part.  Because I didn't know I could write in the book, I tried to juggle all of the information in my head.  I got the first ten right, but it took me 20+ minutes.  So, I quickly ran out of time, and missed almost all of the second half of the questions.  The next week I did a section of logic games and only missed 6, so I am improving. 

So, given that information, do you seasoned test-takers think that, with a little study time, I can get my score up high enough to get into a t14 school despite my having only gone to the University of Tennessee?


Link here:

Professor Thio addressed Singapore's parliament, pushing for sodomy to remain criminalized.  She said it was like "sticking a straw up your nose to drink" and that "a human wrong doesn't make a human right."  The problem with her speech, though, was not just the opinions expressed, but the absolute disgust with which she spewed them. 

My question is this: does NYU bringing her in to teach HUMAN RIGHTS law affect your decision to apply there?

I'm not sure what my answer is. 

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