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Hm this is all good material.  You can use both in the same PS if you can connect them seamlessly.  That would be my first recommendation.  Otherwise, make them separate essays.

Thank you! :)

All good things come to an end...

Job Search / Re: Legal Representive or Assisstant Nedded
« on: January 23, 2010, 03:35:44 PM »
So you need a lawyer.  ........ I got more done pro se.  Needless to say FSU is no longer on my list of possible law schools to even apply to. 

Thanks for your response. Actually, I have been looking for a lawyer for while but I have not found one yet. There are two difficulties"
1) Most of the lawyers do not familiar to the academic regulation and university policy. They also think that the university is a giant in legal fighting.
2) I am an international guy and have no much network to find a lawyer who is specified in the academic case.

I found the limitation for civil case is 2 years in USA (I think my case belong to the civil case). I have very limited time to find a lawyer who may help me. I am going to start my case by PRO-SE. Meanwhile, I have more time to find a lawyer.

That is why I ask the law student to help me before I find the lawyer.

It is highly appreciated if anyone who can help me or give me some advice for the PRO-SE case.


Sorry just now seeing this. I am not a law student.  But one does not have to be a lawyer or law student to represent one's self.

Contact your local legal aid foundation.

Or advertise for a lawyer on craigslist.

Job Search / Re: Legal Representive or Assisstant Nedded
« on: December 26, 2009, 11:51:59 PM »
So you need a lawyer.  Law students can only work under supervision of an attorney...and let me tell you as someone who has had fsu's law school students screw up my case even WITH their supervising attorney, you want a professional whose sole job is the PRACTICE of law, not learning it (nor teaching it, apparently, since the supervising atty. is also to blame), to handle a complicated or very serious case. 

I got more done pro se.  Needless to say FSU is no longer on my list of possible law schools to even apply to. 

Job Search / Re: Can't find a job? What about going solo?
« on: December 26, 2009, 11:36:45 PM »
Don't see why the meanness was an economy like this shouldn't we be encouraging those who go make their own job instead of crying about how there are no jobs?  

Sometimes it seems like some of you get snobby for no reason.

Good luck with your venture OP. Only issue i see is: why does the site sound like you only do quickie divorces?  

And how is it going so far, what are you doing to market yourself and what ways are working best as far as drawing in paying clients?  Are you working out of an office space or out of home?

Also you need some powerful factual wording on your website.  Don't put on there how fresh out of law school you are. If I am looking for a lawyer I don't want to be reminded how wet behind the ears you are. Some young lawyers put an ad in craigslist that I checked out at one point and you know something, I was impressed with how they didn't act like the WORLD was possible with my case, they told me what they thought, and what might be an option, and said they would go research it and get back to me AND they DID that.  Turns out they don't have jurisdiction (which is something I knew I would run into anyway but thought it wouldn't hurt to try), but the fact that they came across as so on top of their stuff as far as basics and knowing what they DIDN'T know and where to go find that information...I liked that!  

If my case was in their courts' jurisdiction I promise you for customer service alone (and because I intend to be in their shoes one day, fresh in the business and wanting people to give me a chance) I would have saved up the retainer to go with them. :)  And I am sure I asked what law school they graduated from but right now I can't remember!  But I do remember if they sounded like they know what the hell they are talking about or not, and if they acted like they knew I could take my business elsewhere!

Come across like you KNOW your sh*t.  Make the little blurb on educational background be the one brief mention of how new you are unless the client actually asks.  Education: xyz university college of law, JD, 200x.  The end.  That's how I want my lawyer to come across to me anyway.  

You also need to put up any past experience you have had, including summers during law school, a legal clinic run by your school, anything to show my case (hypothetically) won't be your FIRST case (whether it is or not).

And get some customer testimonials up there (real ones, cause someone like me would ask to be able to talk to a name I see up there to confirm the quality of service).

That's my take. In any case good luck and make sure you come across capable and not like a used car salesman.

That's exactly what i was thinking, law school is not going anywhere.  I missed the whole stress and excitement of this cycle but the exact same thing is going to happen comes fall 2010...and it will come around faster than we think!

to that last poster you have the right idea and it coincides with what i am planning on doing...which is to start a master's program that can be done in about 18 months...that gets me back into study mode, and does give me something worthwhile to add to the application comes fall, as you said.

So yes I feel like I am doing the right thing.

Only thing is i would feel much better if i took a prep course...but i can't afford it so far. I have 6 months to the June 2010 test so here's to making it count!

Minority and Non-Traditional Law Students / Re: FAMU Law School
« on: December 26, 2009, 11:58:40 AM »
Hey Isis,
class of 2008.

What was your major?

So how did the scores go trudawg?

Isis *wink* (no homo) hey yourself Rattler!  ;D

Far as the question on what schools, I was told having a WIDE selection of schools from all levels of selectivity (dream schools down to "everybody gets in here" schools) my choices range from top 10s like yale, harvard. and cornell (whose 25th percentile UG gpa i am above, so I am in their middle 50% range, unlike the others), good ones like Georgetown, average ones like American and mercer and ones that are strong regionally like UMiami and Georgia State, and others like Howard (although I don't want to go to another HBCU for law, just because I thought a different experience might be good for my health.

I know the name brand schools always look good when it's time to impress future clients, but i wonder if a solo is the end goal how much that really matters, cause with lawyers aren't people either going for the one with the lowest fees and best customer service...or the one all their friends and family use?

For practical experience I was thinking being a state attorney would be a good way to get experience, get some loans excused, and get exposure/make contacts.

If all these lofty plans go up in smoke due to a bad lsat etc...then hey, I go where I am accepted that is convenient and make the best of that, because I know people that went to what i believe are t3 or 4 schools and are doing quite gets very hard though, trying to decipher how much of the name brand snobbery applies to what I will face as I go about MY plans for my legal future...and how much of it is only for those trying to get in with big corporate law firms. 

I also see a lot of doom and gloom predicted about too many lawyers on the job market...but as I really intend to do law for the specific purpose of not being forever looking a job but instead making my own...and since the fields i am interested in have an endless supply of clients (immigration and family law)...I am really feeling like a lot of what i am reading just does not apply to me.

General Off-Topic Board / Re: Feel good story...
« on: October 30, 2009, 03:21:07 PM »
Not sure what board this would go on, but I wanted to share this story of how sometimes good deeds pay off

My parents have been all over me to attend an event with them.  My undergraduate college is close, but not really easily accessible to the event.  However, my dad said it was really important to him.  So, immediately after a midterm I travel the hour ride in freezing rain on a motorcycle, skipping dinner, just to be the good son.

When I arrive I am sat next to an old family friend who I haven't seen in a while but has known me since I was in 3rd grade.  I am bored, but want to be polite so I start a conversation.  Turns out he is the head of the Law Clerk and Research section at the headquarters office of ******, a MAJOR law firm with strong ties to the field of law I am most interested in.  He goes on to say that he is looking for a paid undergrad intern that he knows he can trust.  I slyly introduce the fact that I am pre-law with decent credentials, he bites.

Score 1 for the Good Guys!!!

awww NICE!

Sounds almost like my "accidental" receipt of a full scholarship to my undergrad!  I thought it was an award ceremony as in a plaque to hang on the wall...but we drove the 1.5 hours since we were invited and just had that feeling we should go.

turned out they were SCHOLARSHIP awards and i got a full one.

Love those GOOOOD surprises!

And to think I nearly didn't show up!

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