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So I had to move 1.5 months before i was to take the LSATs...feel unprepared for even the December LSATs...and wanted to get the highest score possible, the best references possible, and have time to write and re-write the best statement possible.

Also, my little one is almost 3 now, and by applying to get in fall 2011 she will be in school and that will be an older child that can be easier managed than a toddler.

Anyone made a decision to wait til the next cycle, and how did that work out?  Do the law schools look at an extra year of doing "not much" badly?

I have a 3.38 undergrad. Started college at 16.  Now divorced single parent.  I want a 170 and a full scholarship somewhere, and am pretty sure my personal statement can be very convincing, many people tell me I should write a book.

Non-Traditional Students / Re: FAMU Law School
« on: October 25, 2009, 01:45:56 AM »
Hey, I cannot speak on it, but I have a few friends (and acquaintances) who have graduated from FAMU Law. Send me a pm while I reach out to them. There's a thread on the site about FAMU COL, but it gives very little information about the school. Additionally, FAMU COL is hosting a few open houses throughout this school year. If you are trying to get info, visit the school & talk to the students. I did a visit in the spring, and I got some candid info from students- good and bad. Check them out@

Friday, October 2, 2009; Open House for Prospective Students

Saturday, November 21, 2009; Florida Classic Open House for Prospective Students

Monday, January 25, 2010; Open House for Prospective Students

Friday, February 26, 2010; Discover Law Day


It would help to see the good and bad posted here for those who may have the same question as the poster...but just be peeping. (Not me, but just saying.)

Non-Traditional Students / Re: Chances for foreigners???
« on: October 25, 2009, 01:41:17 AM »
Hi everyone!
I am an immigrant from Russia (have a Green card), graduated from Russian college with the major in linguistics,
 just took september LSAT, my concern is for internationals they don't count GPAs and that really sucks cause I have only As in my diploma, LSAC did evaluation and all they mentioned there is that I graduaded with honours, I wonder how that gonna affect my admission chances? I'm looking into 160-162 on my LSAT?
Do you think they take into consideration that for a person whose native language is not English to get even 160 is an achievement?
Thanks a lot for your time

I would say call the schools you are interested in (all of them, because answers may be different) and speak to an admissions counselor and ask them this question.

Good luck!

Dear All,

Me and many of my friends spent a little time at the Liberty University School of Law in Lynchburg Virginia. DO NOT APPLY THERE.  My opinion is that you will be lied to during the admission process worse than that of a cheap salesman. You will be indoctrinated worse than a branch davidian. You will hate the law and your life. I went there during there initial process and I had to get out, after wasting two semesters. Trust me, whether you are Christian or not, that place is wicked and bad. I have proof for all of my assertions. It has been on my heart for a very long time now to actually come back to these boards and warn people. I used to go to years ago for advice on where to apply.  Now I want to help others.  The place is a non-accredited mess.  If you are a good Christian person and want to go to a Christian school, PLEASE do not go here. It will shake your faith in the organized church. My heart goes out to you, but please learn the lesson that my and about 20 of my friends learned too late: DO NOT APPLY OR GO OR EVEN THINK ABOUT GOING TO THE LIBERTY UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF LAW.  If you are considering Liberty, please contact me and let me talk you out of it. God bless.

lol I already knew from morning that any one/thing/place located in somewhere with the name LYNCH is NOT my speed at ALL.

But I wonder how the poster I read that said they don't consider any school that mixes law and religion would view Catholic University...they are in the top 100 (barely) from what I remember of the rankings...and they are, well, Catholic, right?

All the same why did OP's analysis of options and best bets for her money not immediately rule out a law school that is not accredited?  That makes no sense.  ABA site allows you to check the bar passage rates and the 9-month job placement rates as well as a host of other things to determine the schools that best match your needs/wants...the fact that there is basically only Liberty's word to take for it because they are not in the ABA Guide would be a big Do Not Enter sign for me.

I don't get into anything I can't find out a ton of 3rd party information on.  Learned my lesson on that blind "take the horse's word for what comes out of its mouth" thing too many times.

I am sorry something connected with religion (particularly Christianity) didn't pan out in such a strongly negative way though.  Always makes the religion as a whole look bad.

As someone who has just begun preparing for the LSATs as of about 2-3 weeks ago (reading everything on the first 2 or so pages that shows up in various combinations of Google searches, many of which led me to this site, and the LSAC site "cover-to-cover" almost)...

I decided to sacrifice some of my very limited funds on:

Powerscore Logical Games Bible
Next 10 Actual, Official LSATs

to start.

Will try to add the other 2 10-test books to the arsenal before the month is out...

Waiting on the LSAC SuperPrep in the mail, as I got a fee waiver and they said that's included for free.

So, in all, I plan to have:

Logical Games Bible ($)
10 Actual Official LSATs ($)
Next 10 Actual Official LSATs ($)
10 More Actual Official LSATs($)
LSAT SuperPrep (free)

My hurdle is finding a way to "simulate testing conditions"...

I've been peeping on this board for about 2 weeks now...but I found something exciting to share that deserves it's own thread so I finally signed in (I made my screen name last week).

I want a great score and am trying to find out how dedicated I have to be to do it... Check my new thread coming up! Hope it helps someone else!

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