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Law School Admissions / Weird GPA trend, how should I write my addendum?
« on: September 29, 2009, 02:40:56 PM »
My LSDAS academic report shows, from year 1 to 4, these GPAs:

2.57, 2.45, 2.21, 3.90 ----> LSDAS cGPA 2.76

Computer Engineering degree at a respectable Canadian University. No failed grades, just unmotivated.

After the initial 3 years, I took a year-long internship at IBM. I came back motivated and did much better in my final year. Also my ex-coworker at IBM will be writing me a decent-ish LOR.

1. The high GPA was not because of an easier course load. All semesters were about the same in difficulty.
2. I am going to be aiming for tier 1 schools where I'm below 25th-%ile GPA but above 75th-%ile LSAT. Took the 9-26 LSAT, felt really good about it, expecting 170-173

Hi, can someone tell me what law schools I should aim for?

Some info:
- 23y.o. Asian. Lived in Canada for 17 years. Am I an URM?
- University of Toronto (Canada), Engineering Science program, Computer engineering (generally accepted as the top engineering program ***in Canada***--will this help my poor gpa?)
- Just graduated, but have 20 months work experience from 3 internships
- Going to begin work soon in a software company, i.e. can include this in applications for Sep. 2010
- 2.4gpa for first 3 years of undergrad (no good reason  :(). After that, went on 16-month internship at Microsoft with good evaluation. Came back for 4th year, worked hard for a 3.83 annual gpa, pulling my UNDERGRAD GPA to 2.75 (2.79 LSDAS GPA  :-\)
- Practice LSATs scored between 168 and 173. My understanding: LSAT164 puts me in top 10%, 171 in top 1%. Hoping for 170/+ for the official result.

Questions1. What are my chances for ANY T14 schools? T25? Comments on "Early Decision"?
2. If I make it to a T25, and score in top 5% for 1st year, what are the chances for transferring to a T14? What about higher-ranked T14's?
3. If I make it to a T14, and perform within top 5%, what are my chances of transferring to T6 or a higher T14 after one year? Would it be worth it?

It's a long post...thanks for bearing with me!

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