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Hey OP great post.  I've followed this website during all phases of the law school process and I agree it needs feedback on UT. 

I'm a recent UT law grad (and I've passed the bar).  In my opinion, Toledo is a great bargain all around IF you get in state tuition or a scholarship. If you're considering paying out of state tuition, only do it if UT is the highest school that you can get into and you know that you want to be lawyer.  Honestly, with the market how it is the amount of debt you take on has to be a factor in your school choice. 

The OP isn't kidding, I can attest that the professors are first rate and truly care about students. Sure there are a few that are questionable, but that's everywhere.  Looking back, there's only 1 or 2 that I really didn't click with.  Everyone else is goes above and beyond to help you out.

The OP's answers are solid.   I'll only add that the city of Toledo isn't -that- bad, it does have it's perks like cheap rent compared to other college towns. 

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