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I just wish people would spend more time researching their choice of school and see they're getting into.

I can't imagine investing 3 years of my life and nearly $100,000 unless I had complete and totaly certainty what I was getting into.

Consider this little nugget that I found in someone's review of Liberty:

Please let me start by saying I was a great Christian going into Liberty. After I left I was scarred both physically, mentally, and religiously forever by they things I saw and my experiences in this school. The only thing good about this school are the teachers and the friends that I made. My time at LU was akin to going to a military school. Please don't think that anyone cares about you or who you are if you attend this school. All they want is money and "christian" fame. They pride themselves on christian worldview but it is mainly just right-wing, unproved, biased hogwash. I was told as I woman that my main job in life was to serve my husband and have no other goals than childbearing. I was crushed. They have a type of police that live in the dormitory halls that are called RA's -- their main job is to suck all the fun and joy out of your life. You are always being watched, criticized, and judged. who else do you know that goes to church 6 times a week?

I was at a rough place in my life when i attended LU and I was pushed through the disciplinary system so exhaustively I might as well have been in chinese prison for 3 years. I ended up with over 500$ dollars in reprimand fines (like I said--all they want is money) for staying at a same sex (not even a boys) friends night with out the much needed RA "permission".

Liberty keeps files on every singe student. People are try to befriend you and act like your mentors are actually allowed to go into these files and write thier opinions of you. Its like a facebook "what do you think of me" file.

They act all high and mighty. as my final straw instead of kicking me out a dean told me oh so sweetly that I "just didn't belong at liberty university anymore". That was after she interrogate me during finals week for 4 hours, put me in her car against my will and made me under duress drive to my friends house to turn him in also and therefore ruin his future for staying at the school. I was such a mess I had no idea what to do and I slashed a 5 inch gash on my arm like a total emo kid and she didn't even care. She said I deserved it and that I would be punished by GOD.

If you are a student and ANYTHING happens to you. Please remember that they are a university not a police force. YOU never, ever, ever have to talk to them. You can do to your dean's meeting and just sit there. They have no control over you. I wish someone has told me that. It would have saved me so much anguish and agony. They have no mercy and they always think the worst of you even if you are innocent.

Please, do not go to this school. I have been to 4 colleges and although Liberty was better than other ones I promise you, it is a type of cult and if you don't belong it can cause physiological and emotional scars that may never heal.

To this day, almost 3 years after my liberty experience. I still pray that the dean who interrogated and abused me will be judged in the end, that her marriage will fail,and everything that she holds dear be taken away because when she kicked me out of liberty she took away some of my dearest friends and I will never forgive her for that. I will never forgive her for not treating me as a person, for not respecting me, for using her authority to do unauthorized and illegitimate things to me. Please do not give your money to this school.


many decided to attend the school for reasons other than its religious affiliation.


I suspect the religious affiliation of the school matters little if at all to most people that end up there...

Totally not true.

Take a look at the book written by the immersion journalist Kevin Roose who spent a year there- granted he was an undergraduate transfer, he captured to culture of the school as a whole.

Liberty is affiliated with Jerry Falwell's Baptist Church, his son is president of the school and a guy named Matt Staver is the Dean of the law school.

Most importantly, Matt Staver leads an ultra conservative, right wing public interest law firm called Liberty Counsel. Naturally, abortion, school prayer, etc is the center of their efforts.

The culture of Christianity is very strong, I can assure you.

So again, why on earth would a liberally minded student choose Liberty University Law School over the dozens of other schools available.


....... Furthermore, a substantial amount of the students are liberals (including myself) and many decided to attend the school for reasons other than its religious affiliation.

Really? Are you certain? A substantial number of liberally minded students would bypass dozens of law schools, liberal meccas to attend a provisionally accredited law school in the rural south? 

That they would decided to attend to reasons other than its religious affiliation? This is beyond logic.

Visits, Admit Days, and Open Houses / Re: Liberty Law School
« on: June 18, 2009, 08:46:48 PM »

Well if anyone is interested in Liberty, be sure to read the 46 PAGES OF RULES
before you apply to school.


Choosing the Right Law School / Re: third tier toilet Ranking
« on: June 18, 2009, 06:54:40 PM »
I've read nothing but controversy about Regent and Liberty....anybody here any horror stories about these schools? :o

Dude, The book by Kevin Roose is a must read for anyone considering Liberty Law School......a 46 page rule book for students...have you read this?

Anyone know if the College Democrats is still banned from campus?

Any Obama supporters at Liberty?

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