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Two LSAT scores of 149. 3.48 GPA.

Do I get into Albany Law?




I appreciate your input! Just wondering if I'm being rational.

Studying for the LSAT / Re: So, how does everyone think they did?
« on: June 09, 2009, 10:51:24 AM »
I have a question. I took the LSAT a couple of years ago (June 2007) and got a 142. Knowing I hadn't prepared, I waited and took it for the second time just yesterday and I have a feeling I got a score in the high 140s - low 150s. I, like a number of folks got bit by the dinosaurs and am not feeling great.

Knowing that I'm quite capable of a high-150 or low-160 score (I know I can get a 161-161 when I'm at my peak, but I'm definitely solid now in the high 150s), should I cancel the score and re-take it again in hopes that I'll feel more confident?

Second question. I feel that if law schools don't frown upon two LSAT scores, they definitely do when you have a third. So let me run a possible scenario by you:

June 2007: 142
June 2009: 149
September 2009: 157

Does this look bad? Does it look like I got 'lucky' so to speak?

Or would this look better?

June 2007: 142
June 2009: 149
September 2009: 157
December 2009: 159

Point being: to prove that my third score isn't a fluke by solidifying it with a comparable 4th score.

I know 4 scores sounds crazy. Thoughts?

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