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Current Law Students / Re: Is UVA worth it w/ 150k debt?
« on: September 19, 2009, 08:25:54 PM »
Look into LRAP. Different schools have different programs. A good LRAP program is a good out of the debt and allows you to go to a better school while making lower levels of income upon graduation. Off the top of my head, e.g., Yale's LRAP basically pays your loan for you if you end up making less then $60K a year as long as you do something law related. I doubt there is another program out there that good, but just finding a decent one would allow you to go to a higher ranked school without substantial scholarship and be able to make lower levels of income after graduation.

I just want to add to what has been said that OP has no midlaw possibility (at least not for class of 2011). I mean any employer 50+ is getting hit hard with people that are going t14s with decent grades, who didn't get anything in biglaw this year (I mean roughly 66-75% of schools outside of HYS ended up empty handed from OCI and even around 1/2 of harvard did badly this year). Public interest and government are out as well because those jobs have been cut back drastically and all these people at top schools that didn't end up at biglaw are shooting for midlaw, gvt, or PI. Small law firms doing something like personal injury work is still a possibility though.

Current Law Students / Re: NOT going to class
« on: September 14, 2009, 08:06:46 PM »
^ that. Profs take attendance because the ABA requires them to do so. If you miss more then something like 4 classes you get dropped from the class (depending on how long each of your classes are and how many days a week they meet).

Actually, the ABA requires attendance, but they don't require law schools to take attendance.... My school and many other higher ranked schools don't take attendance.

I'd put money on it that my school is probably higher ranked then yours and profs take attendance. Also the lectures are extremely interesting and helpful considering the profs here are some of the most insane, crazy smart, write the treaties and commercial codes on the topic type of people. I find it hard to believe at a high ranked school that you don't find the classes helpful.

EDIT- Nevermind. I got it. Nice flame. feminine hygiene product.

Current Law Students / Re: NOT going to class
« on: September 13, 2009, 10:03:16 PM »
^ that. Profs take attendance because the ABA requires them to do so. If you miss more then something like 4 classes you get dropped from the class (depending on how long each of your classes are and how many days a week they meet).

Transferring / Re: GULC OCI for transfers
« on: September 02, 2009, 06:28:09 PM »
Man am I glad I didn't transfer to that toilet. A pathetic 10 interviews and no one seems to have gotten any callbacks. Brutal way to go into a lifetime of debt... (i.e. who would have thought GULC students in general would be completely boned this year).

Is there any point to still try in undergrad other than having Honors on my degree?

Could I just get all C's and it not make a difference for my future?

You will have to spend them your transcripts before you enroll, although they won't dig you for that. Some employers may ask for UG transcripts if you went right from UG to law school. General advice, keep your grades up. Besides you don't want to pick up any bad habits right before LS. Remeber that poo goes on your perment record.

Can they accept you and then deny you based on your grades Senior year?

Just read the fine print. Most schools once they offer you acceptance, and you accept (including putting down the seat deposit) then it is irrevocable. Some really elite school, however, may have something in there that says they can reject you if you bomb your last semester.

As for firms- they really won't ask about UG, but it will help you to be able to say you did well in UG when they tell you they are looking for a "hard working, motivated, and extremely intelligent individual."

let's say you end up graduating from an HYSCC with latin honors, but summered and spent your first post-grad year or two working at a mid-sized law firm, then clerk for a year or two... is it somewhat easier to get a V10 than if you tried getting one of those as a mediocre-GPA'ed 1L?  (clearly i am talking about a hypothetical "friend" of mine.)

This scenario doesn't make any sense. Typically you clerk right out of school, if at all, and it is looked on as favorable because you just saved X biglaw firm a ton of money in training and learned a shitton on your own. Then, typically after a couple years of biglaw people move to smaller/midsize firms or government (basically just do biglaw because working a prestigious firm had great exit options. It really makes no sense to go to a mid-size firm, then clerk, and then go to biglaw.

Transferring / Re: GULC OCI for transfers
« on: August 31, 2009, 04:38:25 PM »

Transferring / Re: Is there a credit hour minimum to transfer?
« on: August 30, 2009, 10:42:19 PM »
Typically need 28-29 credits to transfer.

Current Law Students / Re: Average number of OCI interviews?
« on: August 28, 2009, 05:06:26 PM »
I think I did a total of 27 interviews, that was really too many. I'd suggest between 15 and 20 as a more typical and wise number, but the number shouldn't be the main focus.  By now you should have some sort of connections with some people at some firms. You should know enough about the firms that they are starting to look different and hopefully a few stand out as a particularly good match for you.

Dude you go to HLS, which is probably one of two or possibly three schools (not sure where Stanford sits) in the country that aren't going to hurt this year in terms of employment. For the rest of us, there isn't nearly as many options and people sure as hell can't pick where they want to work (i.e. what would be a "good match"). Most of us are lucky to find a biglaw job anywhere, regardless of how much it sucks.

Additionally, you are HLS class of 2010. Last year was a much, much better year everywhere then this year. You job options last year were just about as good as they could have been ("just about" because it wasn't 2007).

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