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Look Einstein, you're quoted sources that support me here. Yes Wikipedia is about as useful as used toliet paper, but even that shows that Aryan was a term abused by Hitler that actually dates back to the Aryan Caste system in India (study Indian history) and that it has ties to Iran(persian not european) dont give links that support my argument while trying to do the opposit.

Second, I dare nae triple dog dare you to walk up to ANYONE and call them a mongoloid. You'll get hit in the face.
Heck, even Negro and Afro-American(the term used my doctor king) will get you hit. If its such a great term why is it NEVER on an application anywhere at any time?  ::)

Please STFU.

Current Law Students / Re: lazy professors
« on: June 30, 2009, 07:17:41 PM »
I dont start my JD untill january but I saw a lot of that same idea in undergrad. Would you say the teachers are better or worse than undergrad once you start lawschool?

I know that to get Native rights the tribes make you take a DNA test, but for schools I think multi racial people can pick either box they want. Remember untill just a few decades ago 1/8 black was black for legal reasons with the "seperate but equal" system. You are twice that much of your seond race. I'd say if you look dark with high cheek bones and thick hair you'll not get messed with too much. Just dont be one of those guys who's whitter than bleached paper and bragging about his nonwhite heritage. I see people doing that, it pisses everyone off.(especially if you do it on a casino) I am pretty sure that its your choice though since I have known mixed race people who mark either or as they chose.

I do identify with it culturally, and have somewhat strong ties to it through both sides of the family, but genetically I am only 1/4 NA. Should I still mark it? I did on my UG stuff. 

Mongaloid is a racist term, its like calling an Indian woman a Sqwa or a jew a kike. I doubt every much that Native Americans would consider themselves the same race as Asians. If these mystery races dont exist then why are they listed under the race option on applications?

As for India being "caucasion" no but they are Aryan. Aryan has to do with being "light skin" but not white.

OK,everyone here is alittle bit confused about this term. Hispanic is a ethnicity not a race. There are only 3 races Caucasion(white), Negrio(black) and Mongoliod (Asian/Native Americans). The term Hispanic is only used in the USA. No other place in the world classifies people with the term hispanic or anything of the sort, Hispanic was created in the 80s for census purposes in order to account for the number of spanish speaking people in the USA.

Here is some history. The word Hispanic comes from Hispania, which was the Roman name for the part of the Roman empire which is now Spain and Portugal.
Latin America is made up of different culture, races and religons. Hispanic person is one whos culture is influenced from Spain or Portugal. It was never meant to be a racial group.

Therefore one could be Hispanic and white or Hispanic and black or Hispanic and Native American. There is no conflict there.

The fact that you are white does not mean that you can't also be hispanic.   

some people just want an excuse to scream discrimination even if the person saying it is in the same group that they are. I tried a post stateing facts too, people dont want to hear it. Just accept it. That's why I wont even try anymore. Just move on man.

Studying for the LSAT / Re: 120 on the LSAT
« on: June 30, 2009, 06:57:06 PM »
Mabey if they handed out free drink at a "first year minbar" more people would keep showing up untill they passed it.  ;D

 ;D   That sounds like something I eat for snack.

poor grammer, half the guys posting on this site use ain't or refer to themselves in third person. Its a forum not a textbook its fine.

What makes it "self rightous"? You may hold your family to a lower standard but that just is being a bad dad to oppress your kids by setting the bar low.

what makes it the worst post? 

Poor grammar/punctuation, ham-fisted analysis, and obnoxious self-righteousness.

Studying for the LSAT / Re: 120 on the LSAT
« on: June 30, 2009, 06:49:30 PM »
Some non-aba  CA colleges do require the LSAT but normally take much lower scores.

You guys do realise that the students at these schools have to take the first year minibar right? That proves at least some intelligence since most people who sit it dont pass it. It sucks for a lot of freshman that pay for a year and then fail the exam but it does weed out a lot of the students. If they offered it at ABA schools it would weed out a lot of students.

what makes it the worst post? Is it how I expressed my being offended of media bias? Was it how I stated facts on votes that were made and laws passed(God forbid) was it how I expressed my personal opinion that even though my daughter has colored skin and is a girl she should have to actually score an A to get an A? Which part offends you the most, or do you just like to pull the race card when it isn't justfied? Crying Wolf brings down the value of a true wolf attack you know.

I know that in Michigan(and I believe California too) that affirmative action was voted illegal. I remember a bunch of overweight black woman on the news protesting but the court of appeals denied it. They then tried to allow the schools themselves to on an indivigual basis allow white and male discrimination but were denied. Everytime the news asked a in shape black male or a woman in general they were either ok with the idea or at least not insane. I know that not all overweight black woman are crazy but why does the news and the movies (every movie with a large black woman ever made for example) make them out to be insane? Mabey I've just been in the woods too long but its hard to think of an entire group of people being that nuts.

Sorry got off topic there, anways has anyone heard of other states leaning towards the making it illegal too? Michigan has a lot of URM downstate and even they for the most part voted against it. Its time to move on, if you score a D grade you dont deserve an A just becuase you have a different sex organ and a natural tan. At least according to the voting polls.

Study hard and you should do fine. Remember even a modest increase is a step in the right direction.  ;)

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