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This advice really isn't constructive, and I don't know the acceptance rates of the provisional ABA schools, but I'm pretty sure you won't be able to get in anywhere with a 140.  Sorry.  Others may have more constructive advice.  However, go to; you might find some schools there.

Thanks so much for that link. I found some RIDICULOUS numbers in there. GWU accepted someone with a 1.72 GPA, also there was another school that REJECTED someone that ACED the LSAT. At the end of the day you just have to roll the dice and let the chips fall where they may. My GPA was 2.8 and I am taking the LSAT in Sep. I know if I can score at least a 151 I am in somewhere. (I hope)....I just dont understand why UDC isnt on that lawnumbers website.

Studying for the LSAT / Re: June or Sept LSAT?
« on: May 01, 2009, 03:25:53 PM »
I have not studied in earnest at all. Am starting a Kaplan course next week, which runs until week before the test.

Am taking no classes and not working at all right now so I can devote lots of time, energy to studying. I will be going back to school full-time in Sept so am also wondering if the Sept 26th test day will be troublesome since I'll be in the midst of studies.

Should I wait until the Sept test and have all the summer to study or stick with June and thus avoid taking the test while in full-time courses?

Since all I did was play in undergrad, I have to score 160 or better. I am taking the September LSAT. I doubt a first tier school is in my future, nor 2nd tier, however I will get in somewhere.....

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