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Yep, those are the ones I was talking about!

Hmm. That's one thing I gotta figure out.  A place to live that I can still afford internet.  Ugh... so much to think about.  I have gotta move out of my parents' house before they drive me insane.  I swear they are making my life hell right now because I am in my mid 20s and they have began treating me like a damn 16 year old.  Must be mid-life crisis or something.  You who live independently are so lucky.  Soon I will join your ranks.

Can those be found online for a reasonable price?  I just know I gotta get going if I want to get a good score.  I don't know if there is a TestMasters here.  I'll have to google it.

I had asian calamari a while ago.  Delicious stuff! 

Yep, it is true.  They believe it's like a shield that protects from anything.  Then there are some arrows somewhere that indicate what "level" of mormon they are. 

As far as BC and BU or any place for that matter, any guidance is good. 

For my prep, I checked out the 09 Kaplan LSAT prep from the library and bought the "Master the LSAT" book.  I would take a class, but my budget is really limited since I am trying to finish school and move out. 

It's definitely good to see that you guys actually know of where I live. Most people think Utah is somewhere near Canada.  It is a pretty place to live though.  As far as the politics, I just keep my ideas mum since they are definitely not in the majority here. 

Nice to meet you all too.  I haven't taken the LSAT yet, though I signed up for the Sept one (gasp).  I hope to enter law school in the following fall.  I was thinking of Boston, but now I've changed my mind a bit.  At this point, I am thinking I'll go anywhere that has a good rep, lets me in, and offers decent financial aid. 

Speaking of Mormons, I might have seen 2 missionaries getting mugged for their bikes and backpacks last night.

Speaking of scary, my poached internet appears to be gone, and I'm afraid I might only have intermittent access to the webz for the next 2 months. I will cry.

Hahaha, yep they are infamous

Tim's cascade snacks makes the one I like.  Lay's is making one now though too. 

Black Law Student Discussion Board / Re: black women/blond hair
« on: May 17, 2009, 01:09:29 PM »
Hahaha.  Good thing you didn't read about the 75 year old virgin who wanted a new designer vag then.  There is a reason here that I think we went into law over medicine.

Tried the Pringles Mexican layer dip chips...not particularly impressive.  I think next time I'll go with my gut and stick with Maui Onion chips instead.

General Off-Topic Board / Re: SFLSD: Feeling you.
« on: May 17, 2009, 01:04:38 PM »
Then I went home and played with the cat!

Good choice.  I bet it was more interesting than running into what sounds like a cherished classmate.

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