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Well it is getting close to Memorial weekend

I am craving a nice bag of soemthing tangy and sweet now...but what?


Making dinner.  Taking questions.

Whatcha makin?

pappardelle w/ chicken, asparagus, mushrooms alfredo.  with lots of fresh ground pepper.

Yum!  You must be Italian (or just love their food)

Knowing both CTL and Shel (OK, not really, but the little I know from LSD), I think Shel's getting a sweet deal.  A cute boy PLUS money?  Where could I sign up for a gig like that?

Oh, and let me pre-empt CM by saying yes, I am admittedly boy crazy.  So there, I just stole your fun ;D

Amp is getting a better deal. A gentlman, scholar, and propeht as a roomate, plus all the blueberry beer he can drink

The beer sounds refreshing!  Okay, it's girly, but I am a girl so I suppose that's fair enough.

The worst part is that he's in the news more than he was when in office



Something I can use now with my farmers' burn

I am morbidly curious now...

This thread is getting wicked. I love it!

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